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  1. 5 days analog free

    by , 10-02-2010 at 09:49 PM
    Now it's fall...I did indeed have a vapetastic summer. I got down to 1-2 cigarettes a day, one after they went to sleep at nap time and one before bed. Then I told my husband to stop leaving a cigarette for me at naptime. I shifted to wanting one as soon as he got home but after a few weeks of that, I just vaped like crazy right before he'd get here and then vaped while making dinner and got down to one when they went to bed and one right before I did. Then I dropped off the one when they went to ...
  2. What I miss... and don't.

    by , 10-02-2010 at 07:00 AM
    So, it's been about six weeks since I started using a PV. I didn't really switch to quit - I switched to switch. I got tired of coughing and getting hangdog looks from my husband, stepkids, and mother. My dad smokes like a chimney, so there was never any judgment there, although I'm sure he'd prefer I didn't smoke. You know how it is.

    I started out with a 510 pass-through, since I did most of my smoking either while on the computer or driving (and I got an adapter to plug the PT ...

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  3. 10.01.2010. Friday. To Clean and Refill a Cartomizer.

    by , 10-01-2010 at 07:48 PM (Olde One's Journey Through the World of E-Cigs.)
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][B]Cleaning Cartomizers.[/B][/SIZE] I got this technique in the forums, but I'm putting it, here, for easy reference.

    -Put the cartomizers in a plastic container.
    -Fill said container with warm water, and swish them around for a couple minutes.
    -Pour out the water, and repeat the previous step.
    -Once you've drained the water for the second time, pour some vodka in the container, just covering the cartomizers.
    -Swish the cartomizers ...

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  4. My take on Viking Vapor

    by , 10-01-2010 at 09:16 AM
    I am totally digging my new stash from Viking Vapor. Huge plug for this vendor here. I was kinda iffy on them, just because you don't hear them mentioned as much as some of the other vendors, but man o man, am I impressed.

    My sister, unbeknown-st to me, starting vaping right around the same time as me. We don't live close to each other, and actually have only known each other for about 4 years. Sista from anotha motha, so we didn't even really know about each other for quite ...
  5. 10.01.2010. Friday. Ordered from Vaporbomb, again.

    by , 10-01-2010 at 08:11 AM (Olde One's Journey Through the World of E-Cigs.)
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Right. I have ordered my second round of flavours from Vaporbomb.com.

    [B]Mango[/B] -- Awesome.
    [B]Grand Marnier[/B] -- Blech! I have no idea what this is. I was pretty sure that Grand Marnier was an orange conjac, but this particular juice tastes nothing like that. Wow, this one is absolutely terrible. It sort of tastes like burnt popcorn, and .. cheese? butter? feet?
    [B]Kona Coffee[/B] -- This is actually pretty good. I like the option to order ...

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