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  1. Merry Christmas From The PIF Mods! :) *CONTEST*

    by , 12-22-2010 at 07:01 PM
    [QUOTE=librarising;2352399]'twas the night before tomorrow when I scoured my home
    looking for a pen and a pad to write a winning poem
    A poem about PIF and or a poem about my PV
    it was going to be a poem about being smoke-free
    For I had smoked for over 43 years,
    not being ready to quit despite my sons' tears,
    Then I read of a gadget called an e-cig, sometimes PV,
    OMG if they worked it could be revolutionary!
    Now almost 4 months later, I'm sitting at ...
  2. All I want for Christmas is a Riva 901!

    by , 12-21-2010 at 09:49 PM
    All I want for Christmas is a Riva 901 and Liberty Flights is having a sale! Whoo-hoo! The man of the house will be purchasing my Riva 901 kit on Thursday from Liberty Flights. Granted, it will be past Christmas when it arrives, but that is okay. At least on Christmas day when all my kids are opening their awesome presents we got for them, I'll know that my Riva has been paid for and will be in the post soon! Oh happy day!
  3. The last quarter of 2010: What did I learn?

    by , 12-21-2010 at 08:52 PM
    The last quarter of this year has been quite interesting for me. Largely because of this new world of vaping. It didn't take long for me to realize it was working for me. It didn't take long for me to really get into my new hobby/addiction either. Truth is, I spent a rediculous amount of money trying to find the so called "sweet spot" and I think, THINK, maybe I've finally found it. So what have I learned? Random thoughts in no particular order:

    1) The only thing I like ...
  4. The Ultimate Analog Experience - BloogPlanet!

    by , 12-21-2010 at 07:41 PM
    [QUOTE=djorgens2;2350127]After reading a number of threads from this and other forums, I have found a number of commonalities regarding this technology and what it is ultimately capable of accomplishing. Major points include some of the following:

    #1: Although over the long haul, transitioning to e-cigs is less expensive - but, not initially. Finding a reputable vendor on your first attempt that a) delivers quality product, b) priced affordably, and c) delivers a similar if not better ...
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  5. UPDATE: One Week!

    by , 12-21-2010 at 05:36 AM
    Well, yesterday was my official 1 week anniversary. I must confess though, I did slip up Sunday morning and had an analog BUT- that 1 slip up has helped me tremendously! At about the 3rd drag in, I made a face of disgust! Tasted ronchy as H-E- DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! Yes- I did finish that analog- but ever since, my cravings have diminished a lot! In fact I don't really think about having an analog to much now. At least no where near as often as it was before that slip up. So, in my case that ...