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  1. First Free Mod Out The Door

    by , 10-23-2009 at 01:37 PM
    I received my first self addressed prepaid envelope yesterday and the mods are being sent out to CA this morning.

    Sorry you will not be receiving the titanium, unused, brand new 510 atomizer. Just looked good in the picture. Nor will you be getting the nice piece of cut wood. It is a top of a cool little wooden box that was a freebie from an order I placed with


    Updated 10-29-2009 at 02:37 AM by rhoneil

  2. Free RHO Mods for 510 Carts

    by , 10-19-2009 at 08:38 PM
    I have posted in a couple of places that I am sending out some FRF-PTB mods in the mail practically free of charge. Basically all you would pay is the shipping of what should be the equivalent of a letter (hopefully.) I have received some PMs about them and I have left them instructions on how they can receive them. I figured I would make a place here for those who are participating in this 'experiment' so I can post some additional instructions, disclaimers etc. and you can post any questions ...
  3. ASH Agrees The E-Cigarette Is A Better Alternative To Tobacco

    by , 10-19-2009 at 07:08 PM (Ecigarette-info : Actualités de la cigarette électronique)

    ASH Agrees The E-Cigarette Is A Better Alternative To Tobacco
    In an amazing document released by ASH UK, the anti-smoking group makes some surprising statements concerning the e-cigarette.
    Recent studies in South Africa concluded that 45% of smokers who began using e-cigarettes quit smoking tobacco within 8 weeks of beginning and all doctors who participated in the study agreed that e-cigarettes
  4. My Vape Stash

    by , 10-19-2009 at 10:42 AM
  5. PureSmoker Prodigy

    by , 10-19-2009 at 10:41 AM