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by , 03-06-2014 at 09:33 AM (597 Views)
Mixed 3/1/14 (updated 4/6)
Honey Peary- i get mostly strawberry from this. to me it tastes like the foot shaped lollipop candy in the Crazy Dips candy. #1 E-juice, PERIOD
PB Nomnoms- after 3 weeks, still tastes synthetic. do not like and accidentally spilled trying to aerate it so I cannot research further. will not repurchase
Unicorn poop- AMAZING! needs a good week but after that OMG. 2nd favorite vape so far. for me I get a blue raspberry sucker/lollipop type flavor.
Monkey Business- after 3 week steep, very nice. It's what I imagine a real chocolate covered banana with nuts would taste like. Nice chocolate flavor (best chocolate vape I've tried thus far), banana is not overly synthetic, more on the natural end. Nut is a light note. Good.

Tasted these literally 4 days after they were mixed so my expectations weren't high. However, honey peary pleasantly surprised me. It's amazing and if it stays the same or gets even better, I will definitely be buying a larger bottle.

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  1. RogerWilco357's Avatar
    Man have to try that honey peary sounds delish..
  2. Rin13's Avatar
    Waiting on 5 more flavors to steep. Definitely some winners in there too.
    Quote Originally Posted by RogerWilco357
    Man have to try that honey peary sounds delish..