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Five Pawns Sampler Review

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by , 04-06-2014 at 11:57 AM (570 Views)
Got this back in February and forgot to do a review on here. They were presteeped by the time I got them, as they were bottled mid December. Overall, I loathed these juices so I apologize in advanced for my brutal honesty and I will say that my opinion is NOT in the majority. Most people enjoy these. (that I've seen/read)

Absolute pin- this was actually the best of the flavors. it has a strong anise/absinthe flavor but I actually liked that. (it says subtle in the description on their site but anything anise related is never subtle) (no irish cream, no caramel)

Bowden's Mate- this was the second least offensive. It was a strong mint with little (very little) cocoa note. The cocoa was barely detected and highly overpowered by the mint. I like mint but this was nothing amazing to me and I didn't detect any french vanilla.

Grandmaster- I expected to love this but instead was horribly disappointed. it had a very synthetic taste like nearly every other peanut butter I've vaped. the banana wasn't great either and I detected no caramel.

Gambit- another one I hoped to like but it was just so subtle. i got a VERY weak apple flavor similar to the Apple Hangsen juice I got that tasted like Mott's apple juice out of the box. I tasted no pie crust, no whipped cream, no caramel (again) and no french vanilla (again)

Queenside- this was the most offensive of the bunch. I love blood oranges. I love vanilla. I hated this. The blood orange tasted putrid to me... as if it had been rotting. Just no.

Overall rating:
As I mentioned in the beginning and as I'm sure you sensed throughout the review, I did NOT care for these juices. In their defense, I could have gotten a bad batch as the lids on them were wonky. (one was stuck to the point I had to pry it off and when I did the little rubber dropper came off, ripping it from the base, rendering it useless) Also, it had been sitting for while before I got it. I did not contact the vendor as #1. I don't want to be one of those people that appears to be nitpicking to get free stuff. #2. Even if I had a defective order that somehow altered the contents and altered the flavor, I doubt I would have liked them anyway. Not only did I not like anything about any of the flavors, I had bad side effects. I thought it was just me but several other members here have described becoming sick to their stomach and/or headaches after vaping this product. They found something in the juices to be sickening.
I will say that their packaging is nice. The paper insert which had the description/etc was very nice and well presented. They definitely have an upscale appearance. However, I felt the flavor for me left something (a LOT) to be desired, especially for the price. But hey, to each their own.


  1. JimmyDB's Avatar
    Do you remember what you used to vape these? i.e., brand new clearmoizer with silica and 1.8 ohm vertical coil at 7W.

    Thanks for your various reviews being blogged, just think it would be nice to see what you vaped the juice with when writing the review.