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Lazarus Vintage

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by , 05-20-2014 at 08:14 AM (841 Views)
Trinity Reserve- tastes as described. Bourbon and nuts. It's good if you like bourbon and nuts.
Stardust- light orange, creamy flavor. good.
Compass- *favorite* tastes like a red zinfendel spritzer (wine + 7up/selzer) delicious and a neat exhale sensation.
No. 1- tastes like a pastry with light icing. not bad.
Light House- i get mostly a brown sugar/maple taste from this. Not much apple. To me it tastes like the syrup that is in the apple pie with the apple chunks removed. So there's still a hint of apple but not as strong as it would had the apple chunks remained. Good.
Nebula- Best mint + chocolate I've tried so far. it's like a hot cocoa with mint. mint isn't too overpowering as it usually tends to be with these types of vapes.
Journey- if you like cognac, you'd probably like this. I don't particularly like cognac. It's not bad by any means... just not my kind of flavor

Overall: Packaging is nice. I got samples of these so I can't attest to the full size packaging but the sample bottles are even nice. The juice seems to be of good quality. No adverse effects vaping like I have with other vendors. If you like the notes described you should like these. These just overall, not my kind of flavors. I typically like tobaccos and fruits. Compass, however, I will be purchasing a full size of. It's great.

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  1. LTomk's Avatar
    Too bad Lazarus doesn't sell a sample pack. Five Pawns does and it help me sort out what I really liked instead of being stuck with a pretty bottle.