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List of DIY FLAVOR/FLAVOUR Suppliers/Vendors

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by , 04-27-2014 at 01:51 AM (2411 Views)
* Please feel free to post this information elsewhere. I only ask that you link back here. I continue to work very hard to make this as complete as possible. Thank you!

Very sorry, but when using links instead of the names, it posts as too high of a word count. Here's a list of links =(

  • If you hear/see of any new suppliers adding diy flavors, or if a company has added new venders, please comment below.
  • List of DIY supplier abbreviations can be found: Here
  • If anyone has had any problems with any of the suppliers, please comment or pm me so I can take them off.


  • More information about Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, and Acetoin can be found: Here
  • RocketPuppy is in no way affiliated with any of the companies below.

Aroma Ejuice
Atmos Labs - Greece
Azure Vaping

Baker's Flavors
Bull City Vapor (CAP, FA, FW, INW, TPA)

Capella Flavor Drops
Crave - Canada (Organic)

Decadent Vapours - UK
DIY Ejuice - Canada (CAP, FA, FW, Sig, TPA)
DIY Flavor Shack
DIY Juice (FW)

ecigExpress (CAP, FA, FE, FW, HS, INW, JF, LA, NF, Sig, TP)
Ecig Vapor Juice Store (FW)
EJC Labs (TFA)
ejuice4u (NF, TPA)
E-Juice USA (SM, TFA)
E-liquid Mart (CAP, FA)
ELiquid Planet (ESS)
Exotic Vapors

faerie's finest
The Flavor Apprentice/The Perfumers Apprentice
Flavor Concentrates
Flavor West
FlavourArt - UK
Flavour Depot/Flavor Fog - Canada (CAP, DSV, FA, FF, FW, LA, TPA)
Freedom Smoke USA (FA)
Frontier Coop

Good Prophets (GP, TPA)
Gygi (LA, NM)

Happy Vaper - Canada (CAP, ESS, FA, LA, TPA)
Heartland Vapes (FW, HV, TFA)

High Desert Vapes (EGFD, FW, NF, TPA, NON-PG)

Inawera Shop
Indy Vapor Shop (LA)

Juice Factory (CAP, FW, HS, JF Concentrates, TPA)

Kidney Puncher (CAP, FW, TFA)
Killer Juice

Liberty Flights (DV, FA)
LorAnn's Oils

Madvapes (Top Vapor)
Medicine Flower
Miami Valley Vapors
Mission Flavors and Fragrances
Mom and Pop's Vapor Shop
Mother's Milk WTA
Mt. Baker Vapor
Mushroom Vapes (FW, TPA)
My Freedom Smokes (FA, LA, Sig, TPA)
My Vape Juice

Naturally Extracted Tobacco
Nature's Flavors
Newport Flavours
NicVape (FW, TPA)
Nobacco - Greece
Novo Cig
Nude Nicotine

One Stop DIY Shop (CAP, FW, HC, Sig, TPA)

Pure Vapes (FA)

RTS Vapes (CAP, CT, FA, HS, TPA)

Silver Cloud Estates
Steam-e-cig - AU (FA, INW, TPA
Steam Spirit Vapor

Tasty Puff
Tom Katz Vapor (LA)
Totally Wicked

US Vapor Shop (TFA & CAP, tweaked)

Vapers Tek (INW)
Vaperite (organic)
Vapor World
Vaping Cobra - AU (CAP, FW, TPA, VA, VB)
Vaping Zone
Vapor Beast (CAP)
Vapor Co
Vapor Renu (FW)
Vapor Shots
Vapour Solutions - Canada (TPA)
Vices Electronic Cigarette (SM, TPA)

Wizard Labs (LA, LAN, SM, TPA)

Xtreme Vaping (W2V)

Zeus Juice

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  1. beckdg's Avatar
    love the list

    also love vaperstek nic and zeus juice and demeters harvest by zeus juice.

    thanks for sleuthing so diligently, rocket.
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  2. The Sicilian's Avatar
    WOW.. Thanks for taking on the daunting task of putting all this together. As a new DIYer, it's much appreciated.
    RocketPuppy likes this.
  3. RocketPuppy's Avatar
    You're very welcome!!!
  4. misswish1's Avatar
    Very nice! It is so handy to have a list of all the vendors in one place. Thank you for all the time and work putting this together for us!
    RocketPuppy likes this.
  5. RocketPuppy's Avatar
    You're very welcome. Let me know if there's anything you need that's not on here. I love finding things.
  6. Slots's Avatar
    I really like buying HS from Hangsen Flavoring because they are about the only ones who do NOT re-bottle the flavoring.
    It comes straight from HS with their bottles, labels, and is sealed.
    Thanks for the list ... must of been time consuming
    RocketPuppy likes this.
  7. RocketPuppy's Avatar
    Thank you for the info!!!

    I was doing it for myself, so I figured I might as well post it. =)
  8. Magan's Avatar
    Kidney Puncher has FW & TFA now, too.
  9. RocketPuppy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Magan
    Kidney Puncher has FW & TFA now, too.
    Thank you for the update!!!
  10. csardaz's Avatar
    " DIY Ejuice - Canada (CAP, FA, FW, Sig, TPA) "

    What is "Sig" ? I don't see it in the abbreviations list.
  11. RocketPuppy's Avatar
    It references that they have a signature line, but after emailing them, I still don't know from where they get it. Thank you for the comment. I'll make that clearer.
  12. Mr.Mann's Avatar
    The scope of flavoring manufacturers out there is truly immense! But, for some reason we default, a lot of times, to but a few. Why is this when most of them that we frequently use don't distinguish themselves as an "ecig flavor" manufacturer? And another thing I would like to know: if I was to buy from a company that is not mentioned on ECF much, what type of flavoring should I be looking for that is, maybe not "safe for inhalation," but right in line with all the other flavoring manufacturers products that are used by the liquid market? Not sure if this makes sense, so if it doesn't, I apologize.