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Electric Angel Mika Kananen Interview

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by , 09-23-2013 at 07:32 PM (492 Views)

Here's an ECC 2013 video interview with Electric Angel owner Mika Kananen. He talks about the limited edition EA Mods and the upcoming Invictus. The Invictus combines features of mechanical and digital mods in a really unique way.


  1. sakis12's Avatar
    1 day ago Shared publicly

    I own two of them for a week and the firing buttons are done. Contact Mika with different emails and receive not one response. I order a new button 2 days ago. Oh I forgot to mention I own the old style about a month and is useless too, contact Mika again 20 days ago he was promise to send me a new one after I explain the problem that I had, still waiting. Not only the buttons are bad the costumer service too. Don't throw you money away, read the reviews before you buy his new VV mod. I just want to use my EA MODS but the useless with out the firing switch.