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Attack of the Hana Modz Clone. Let's wait together!

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by , 06-20-2014 at 12:24 AM (258 Views)
the good sir, retird, has tested and/or collected all the known issues with the "cana" modz dna 30 clones. this is a partial list. he also has a few other posts. when i have a chance, i'll find them.

i am not recommending that anyone buy this clone. however, i have 1 and another one is on order. as some of the issues are addressed, i may grab a few more.

Quote Originally Posted by retird View Post
My hope is that those that recommend this Clone to others are kind enough to tell them of the reported issues/quirks/ etc. Many posters throughout this thread have posted such issues/quirks/ etc. and I, for one, appreciate their concerns....

Here is a semi-complete list of them:

Issues and/or comments reported either here or elsewhere:
1. Milling process of the enclosure allows “swirls” in the drip well and fire switch areas.
2. Removable back plate of the enclosure may not fit smoothly in all devices.
3. Screws used the back plate are of poor quality.
4. Threaded hole to receive the back plate screws are stripped on some devices.
5. 510 connector center pin is not properly sized in width thus allowing possible short circuits to occur with certain toppers.
6. 510 connector not installed flush with the enclosure thus allowing slightly tilting of toppers on some devices.
7. Battery holder can become dislodged from enclosure due to the use of less effective attachment securing media.
8. USB port can be dislodged from enclosure due to use of less effective attachment securing media.
9. Fire/up/down buttons can become dislodged in some devices due to the use of less effective attachment media.
10. On some devices the attachment media used to secure the clone dna board in the enclosure is applied over board components that radiate heat during operation. This can allow heat buildup.
11. USB charging board led’s are not properly fitted and/or the enclosure does not allow easily visual indication of charge state.
12. When pressing the fire button to allow the unit to operate from sleep mode two or more presses are required.
13. When coming out of sleep mode it is noted that the wattage setting has changed on some devices requiring resetting the wattage each time the device comes out of sleep mode.
14. When the device is in locked mode and it comes out of sleep mode with the power lock function activated the power lock mode is no longer activated in some devices.
15. When the device is in sleep mode and left unattended it will come out of sleep mode without any button push by the user on some devices.
16. The on board temperature sensing circuit activates at a higher rate of occurrence compared to the real dna.
17. The ohm reading on the display does not accurately relay the true ohm reading of the coil it is measuring. The variance may be small or larger depending on the clone device as there is no consistent variation.
18. The voltage reading while firing displayed is different that the voltage actually reaching the coil.
19. The warranty contained in the instruction sheet indicated a manufacturer warranty of 90 days. This has not been confirmed however vendors warranty periods are all over the map from DOA to 7 weeks to ?????
20. Logo devices and those that display Hana Modzs on the display seem to violate USA trademark laws. Some vendors have gone underground and China is still sending them and vendors are still selling them.
21. The Clone is reported by many to put out less power that the real dna at the same wattage setting. A scope analysis will eventually compare them to either confirm or deny this claim. My experience confirms this assumption.
22. When charging in locked mode the clone may no longer unlock thus the device will no longer operate in any way. Removing and replacing the battery has no effect.
23. Enclosure body scratches very easily. Many vapers are adding wraps to protect the enclosure.
24. When coming out of sleep mode the device will fire but the display is not showing anything as if the display is dead.
25. Device can fire without any human intervention.

I know I have probably missed a few more things so this is not a complete list.