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  1. Simple DIY Juice Start-up info

    by , 08-19-2014 at 09:35 PM
    basic entry Supplies to DIY Jooze for a simple/easy 50/50 base Mix:

    Supplies Needed:
    A. Bottles - 10ml(x10),30ml(x5), (x1)say 250ml or 1 liter bottle to hold your finished base mix...this should be enough to get going until you make some winning mixes.
    B. Syringes - (x1) - 20ml or CC and two 3 inch 14 gauge blunt tip needles for VG & Base Mix.
    " - (x1) - 5ml or CC and two 2 inch 18 gauge blunt tip needles for flavors & Nic.
    TIP- "paint ...

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