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Simple DIY Juice Start-up info

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by , 08-19-2014 at 09:35 PM (496 Views)
basic entry Supplies to DIY Jooze for a simple/easy 50/50 base Mix:

Supplies Needed:
A. Bottles - 10ml(x10),30ml(x5), (x1)say 250ml or 1 liter bottle to hold your finished base mix...this should be enough to get going until you make some winning mixes.
B. Syringes - (x1) - 20ml or CC and two 3 inch 14 gauge blunt tip needles for VG & Base Mix.
" - (x1) - 5ml or CC and two 2 inch 18 gauge blunt tip needles for flavors & Nic.
TIP- "paint your Syringe increment's with clear fingernail polish so they don't rub off"
C. Small Pipette or glass dropper for dripping drops
D. Distilled Water and or Isopropyl Alcohol for rinsing out syringes, droppers & bottles between Flavors.
E. Napkins or something for clean-up.

if you spill any on you wash the area immediately, keep a moist washcloth handy while handling and wash your hands rite after handling and don't rub your eyes....this stuff will lite your head on fire if it absorbs into your skin.

1. Nicotine - for starting out i would recommend to buy double mg the Nic you are currently using @ 100% PG.
Wizard Labs has very good prices and they mix your purchase after you order, so it's very fresh.
2. Either buy your VG in bulk or get smaller amounts at Wally-World, but buy at least the same amount as the Nic you bought.
3. Mix the 100% PG Nicotine base 50/50 with the VG...and you have cut your Nic base down to your original Nic preference and doubled your base mix amount.
.... now your mix is ready....

4. Flavors - whatever you prefer.
5. Supplements - "Ethyl Malto" in liquid form is the easiest to work with; it enhances & mildly sweetens Fruit, Desert and Candy type Flavors it's a must for these type flavors @ 2 to 3 drops per 10ml.
you can also buy liquid sweetener at the grocery like Splendia or Steveia i got some stuff called "Skinny Girl" it works well @ 2 drops per 10ml

"Acytel Pyrazine", needed for RY4 Tobacco Flavor it enhances this type flavor and it's called for in many recipes used very sparingly, 1 drop per 10ml.

.... when first starting out it's best to stay with a single Flavor.....

write down everything you do while mixing (amounts) in a note-book or something for future reference, this is a must and you'll find out why down the road.

Make small batches in 10ml amounts, then Label/Date/Nic-mg the Bottles and store in a dark place room temp but not hot place for at least 10 days, shaking vigorously daily...enjoy.....discard the bad & keep the good and now you can make bigger batches with the keepers.

each persons taste is different so you will have to figure out your preferred % of Flavor per mix, i would suggest to start with at least 20 % flavor and that would be 2ml of Flavor per 10 ml of finished that would be 2ml of Flavor and 8ml of Nic base mix = 10ml of finished Juice ready to store...this will slightly lower the total volume of the Nic level yet this is for a simple/easy base mix not rocket science, if you need more Nic add it.....for total precise Nic levels you can always use the advanced E-Juice calculator linked at the bottom of the page.

general rule of thumb - on the % of flavor you might want more or less depending on your taste, if it tastes overpowering to ya back it off, if ya have to wonder what it is increase it.

all items you need can be found at these places (flavors/supplies), i have shopped & compared prices elsewhere....get your Nic at Wizard Labs....

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One Stop DIY Shop

Concentrated Flavorings|Sugar Free Drink | Flavor Drops

Bulk Vegetable Glycerin | Bulk Apothecary

Wholesale Propylene Glycol in Bulk...Cheapest USP Propylene Glycol Online

Humco USP Glycerin (VG) 180ml bottles found in the Pharmacy section, for smaller amounts.

i use these bigger bottles for my storage and Nic base mix are some help-full things:
Flavor profiles that pair well in recipes | Just A Pinch Recipes

eJuice Recipe Calculator

a more advanced calculator for down the road
eJuice Me Up - Best eJuice Calculator

Clone Recipes

E-Liquid Recipes | DIY E-Juice | e cig Liquids

some of these recipes are good and some are not, this should be a good start

...good luck & enjoy!

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  1. JimmyDB's Avatar
    Thanks sando7.

    I would just like to point out for newb (and others alike) to remember that when you add flavorings and such after you have mixed up a calculated base, then the nicotine percentage of the total solution drops.

    The total mg of Nicotine are the same, but the total volume is raised by the flavoring volume.
    In the example within the blog, adding 2ml of flavor to 8ml of base... would reduce the nicotine % to 80% of what it was. e.g., 2% NIC would become 1.6% NIC ( 20mg/mL * 8mL -> 160mg ; 160mg / 10mL -> 16mg/mL -> 1.6%)