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Five Months Down :)

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by , 02-21-2011 at 03:03 AM (808 Views)
It has been five months now since I started vaping and leaving analogs behind. It's been a good five months, too. My breathing is to levels it has not been since I was a teen, and i found I can sing and exert myself without panting and puffing. My singing voice is not as scratchy or tortured anymore. My teeth are staying whiter (except for my coffee habit *sigh*) and I don't reek. My youngest daughter often buries her face in my shoulder now and talks about how good I smell. It is a lovely feeling.

I recently purchased an eGo-T system, and I have to say it is now hands-down my absolute favorite PV system. I've been using it almost nonstop for two weeks now, and I am pleasantly surprised! The ease of filling the tank makes this a snap for fill-and-go. Just a quick pull of the end cap, fill to just shy of the edge, snap the end back on, insert into the tankomizer... all in SECONDS... and you're ready to vape again. I have to say I think that a newbie to the vaping world would find vaping so much easier this way. There has been no leaking from my tank, and it is the original tank I started with. The tankomizer itself has had no letdown in vapor, and is actually performing better than it did at the start. Too, I have been wowed by the fact that flavors can be changed rather quickly on this one-piece atty/cone combination. Though it has taken up to a few hours for a flavor to completely dissipate when changing from one to another, no one flavor I have used has decided to take up permanent residence in my atty. I would definitely give the eGo Tank a five out of five stars for performance, ease of use, and reliability.

Tax season allowed me to make a few more purchases and do some testing of flavors and brands I was making myself wait on. I have an order making its way to me from Ms. T's Bakery, and I was able to sample several flavors from MadVapes. (Too bad the Cherry Blossom tasted just like shampoo to me...) Due to a friend's generosity, I am happily vaping Johnson Creek's Simply Strawberry at the moment, with a full 15 ml bottle of the same sitting at my elbow. Though I noted that all JC juices seem to have the very same undertone, some are better than others (such as French Vanilla... a very smooth, easy-going flavor). Anyone that wants to try JC at all should try the samplers first. I am the only person in my household that has multiple favorites from this vendor, so not all of the juices are right for everyone. I DO wish they would offer a different strength in their samples, as 24 mg is just too high for me, unless I drip only a few drops and then resume my usual 12 mg.

BIG kudos to One Stop DIY Shop for the fine customer service I recently received on a question and request I sent to them a few days ago. My DIY experience would hardly be half as enjoyable without their help and attention to detail!

On to some personal vaping notes: I am ordering all of my juices recently at a lower mg strength, mostly 6 mg, rather than the 12 I have been using. I have decided to drop my strength, since it has been more than the previously planned six weeks. I think in my case it is just as much holding the PV as it is the nic, if not moreso. I do have a slight anxiety attack if I don't know where my PV is, so I am going to start making myself put it down completely several times a day to see if I can break myself of needing it close to hand. I rather like vaping, so I am not sure if I will stop vaping soon after going to no nic or not. I have not been doing a lot of DIY experimentation as far as flavors lately. I have a lot of untried flavors just begging me to try them soon. This week, I am going to mix up a slew of trials to try out this coming weekend.

I guess now that I am just babbling I'll blog again at a later date.:blush:


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    :toast: Congrats on five months! :vapor: