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Back on the right track......

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by , 11-04-2010 at 06:00 PM (716 Views)
A little back story............

I started vaping in Oct 2009. I quit smoking analogs the day I started vaping. It was the easiest quit I ever did. I started out with an Njoy Npro that I bought at Meijer. It did not take long before I found my perfect PV....a 510. It wasn't too long after that I bought my first Chuck... within weeks I was ordering my second Chuck. I used my first Chuck religiously.

In May I came down with strep throat after photographing a wedding and something changed. For some reason, after I got better vaping was no longer satisfiying. I felt as if the vapor production wasn't big enough (and I'm big on vapor) and the TH wasn't good enough...I don't know what was going on, but needless to say, I got frustrated and went back to smoking analogs and back to not being able to breathe, stinky hair, clothes and breath. And in the 4 months that I was smoking analogs I went up to 2 packs a day.

2 months ago I started attending smoking cessation classes (vaping again didn't even occur to me) and I have been quit again for 31 days now. I am using the nic patches and the one thing I'm noticing is that the lower mg's I get to when I step down, the more I want to smoke. After stepping down to the 7mg's the cravings of wanting to puff on something got really was like the first week of the quit.

Luckily, I still had most of my supplies and decided to start vaping 0 nic. As soon as I took that first puff everything just fell into place. I no longer desire a cigarette cause I'm taking care of that habitual urge that forces to many quitters back into smoking cause that urge can be relentless.

I'm gonna continue to use 0 Nic even after I'm off the patches

Now, on to the good stuff....( i know, i ramble)
I've placed a few orders. I ordered a couple of doublers from TV (Geoff is master of the juice), a few 510 attys from RockyMountain Vapor, a driptip from Madvapes, and a brand new eGo from Cignots.
I so cannot wait for my eGo! I'm so excited! It shipped yesterday, and it's coming from just a couple states away but It's gonna feel like a lifetime to get here. Just like when I was waiting for my Chucks.`

Anyway, I'm glad too be back and I'm very glad to see so many new vapers here :)

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  1. lafl333's Avatar
    whats a chuck?
  2. sbphotog's Avatar
    A Chuck is a big battery mod used for all day vaping and major plumes of vapor. If you ever decide you want a mod, i recommend a chuck.

    [url=]Thag Built / The Chuck[/url]