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Thoughts on the Joye eGo

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by , 11-07-2010 at 03:04 AM (1211 Views)
I got my Joye eGo today that I bought from Cignot's. There was enough charge in the batts to try it out and I instantly fell in love. It was torture waiting for the first batt to charge fully. After a 2 hour charge I put away my feeble 510 batts and started vaping away.
It is now 10 hours later and it's still vaping like a champ. No loss of vapor production and I still haven't needed to charge it. I'm a pretty heavy vaper too. I pacify this thing all day, it barely leaves my hand.

regular 510 batts would last me about an hour and vapor production would drop off after about 30-40 minutes of regular vaping. Talk about frustrating. But today I am free! I'm no longer tethered to a charger or carrying around 6 batts at a time.

Not only is the performance incredible, It's stylish and comfortable to hold. This is by far the best pv I've owned so far.

Love, Love, Love the eGo!


  1. lafl333's Avatar
    hear ya love my egos...although thinking about a bigger batt!!!...happy vaping..join us in the forum live chat sometime
  2. deback's Avatar
    What happened to the Chucks? Do they still work? So you like the eGo better than the Chuck?
  3. dannoman's Avatar
    yeah what she said...