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New Juicy Vapor liquids

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by , 04-05-2012 at 11:18 PM (809 Views)
I just received two sample packs of liquids. I'll be reviewing them over the next few days. All are "Reduced PG" in 24mg. They weree made on the 24th of March and have been in transit ever since.

First: Wake 'n Vape in a vision Ego
This is cigarette-y with more than a hint of ashtray. I was not sure if I liked this. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I did not, but it took me the entire 1.8ml contents of the Vision to reach said conclusion. I could not stop. I think this will be one to steep and revisit.

Blueberry Granita in a Vision Stone tank
WOW. This is utterly fabulous. Berries and citrus and ice. How do you get a liquid to taste like ice? Dunno, but this does. Very refreshing and thirst-quenching. Tastes like a fabulous cocktail I'd probably drink too many of. Keeper.

Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake in a Vision Ego
I can taste the potential but this is a bit plasticky. Bummer.

Flan in a GOGO cartomizer
Inhale has an immediately noticeable black-pepper undertone. Must wait this one out because the exhale is a scrumptious caramel custard flavor. Looking forward to revisiting.

Christmas Cinnamon in a 510 cartomizer
YES. YES. YES. Zingy red-hot cinnamon with a slight orange undertone. I adore this and would happily vape it all day, but cinnamon flavors often send me into helpless, spluttering coughing fits. Still I shall keep it around for when the cinnamon urge hits. PERFECT.

French Toast in a Bloog cartomizer
Er... not sure. This is supposedly one of JV's famous flavors. Tastes nice up front but there is an unmistakeably "sweaty" aftertaste that is just nauseating. Definitely needs a sit.

Vanilla Hookah in a Vision Stone tank
Nice flavor but has that "cooked" tobacco taste...I don't know how to describe it. I like it, but, not a tank-full at a time.

More coming shortly.
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