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Automatic supporting membership renewal puts me $100 in debt.

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by , 05-13-2014 at 12:39 AM (706 Views)
Please pardon my absence. As much as I miss keeping up with all you nice folks, I am very angry with ECF right now. It's a long story but I'll try to keep it short.

It's been over a year but I could swear there were two options for the subscription, one time and automatic renewal. The "Paid Subscriptions" tab in user settings does not imply anything other than automatic renewal now, nor does it allow the user to change this option. Whether I overlooked this at the time or not, I did not remove this automatic yearly payment authorization from my PayPal settings, having no other PayPal "subscriptions" nor understanding the option. I had no intention of renewing my supporting member status, nor could I afford it (taxes really killed me this year). The $24 payment that I was not expecting put my bank account in the red, resulting in two $40 fees issued by my bank, coming to nearly $100 in debt for something I did not want, cannot use, or sell. Worthless.

I did learn one important thing from all this, opting out of overdraft protection only protects you from in person "point of sale" purchases when used as a "debit" card, not online when used as a "credit" card and especially not PayPal purchases. I discovered my account was in the red when I went to the post office Saturday morning and attempted to use it to send a PIF vaping gift to someone. While this was registered as "declined", I probably could have put myself further into the red by making a purchase online regardless of the negative balance. This was the second time in my life I have let my bank account go into the red, the first time was many years ago and very similar.

In any case, I'm not at all happy with ECF. Please don't take my absence personally. I take full responsibility for my current monetary issues, but just seeing the letters "ECF" results in a slew of profanity and a generally bad mood. I may come around occasionally to sell something in the classifieds (to fill in the debt pit), but otherwise I'm done with this forum. :mad:
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  1. Uncle's Avatar
    Fully understand and can appreciate - given the circumstances (Also, I would hope you contacted someone in Administration and they will rectify this matter for "You" asap) . . . AND - Although I know of other ways to contact "YOU", I am very happy to know that "You" will at least pop-in every now and then . . . "YOU" - Have been and will be missed, especially given all that "You" have to offer to everyone in the community here . . . Just Sayin' . . .

    (BTW: I think if "You" contact the ECF Forum Manager "rolygate" via the "Support System" here: E-Cigarette-Forum he might be able to take care of this and/or direct you to the right person who can fix this situation and maybe even get "Your" money back . . . )