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Even mere mortals like me can "build" for a KayFun

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by , 06-12-2014 at 06:04 PM (135 Views)
Their are numerous ways to "build" for a KayFun so each of us has to find our way for a repeatable and reliable way to build. My own experience and all the threads I have read lead me to suspect a wicking issue to fix any problems you may have. Here is a pic I did for a friend and although it's not the only way to create a build it helps me explain in pic numbers 4,5, and 6 how important the length of the wick is.


Too long or to short often causes problems. Also, in pic 6, I install the chimney after the wick is cut and saturated with juice. I prefer this way as opposed to threading the wick up through the chimney and then cutting it.


In the above pic Before Clean shows you what a Bio Wick Organic cotton wick looks like after some use with a fairly gunky juice. I clean everything with Wallgreens house brand Denture Cleaner which does a dandy job, is cheap, easy to use, and delivered in discrete packets. The After Clean image on the right shows you what the results are for a 20 minute soak and pre wash and after wash procedure. In this case I removed the cotton wick, dry burned the coil, and then installed a new Bio Wick organic cotton wick. In a pinch, the wick is clean enough to continue to use after the clean (No new wick)if my situation called for it.

Here is the KayFun users manual which has some great tips:

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