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Zombie Apocalypse by Alice in Vapeland

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by , 02-08-2014 at 04:36 PM (640 Views)
Zombie Apocalypse by Alice in Vapeland
This is a nice smooth vape, a bit of a throat hit, lightly sweet plenty of plume
First vape was a nice strawberry taste almost like eating a nice ripe juicy strawberry...after a few vapes it mellowed out to a nice smooth custard taste and then a powdery iced cupcake once they all meld together this is a great strawberry cupcake vape, very tasty

sad part is it was only a small sample bottle defiantly going onto my must order more list

side note, when vaping this a great drink to couple with it, vanilla cream soda


  1. Shadav's Avatar
    For those that like this, I think you'd like Strawnana Smoothie from NicQuid it is very close except for it's more a smoothie than a cupcake
    i'm thinking if you mixed the two together