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Strawnana Smoothie from NicQuid

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by , 03-16-2014 at 01:43 AM (355 Views)
Strawnana Smoothie from NicQuid
I'm on the fence with this's a nice mellow vape but could use a bit more flavor to it
It's a smooth vape, like you would expect from a smoothie
first hit was a strong nice fresh strawberry flavor then slowly melded into a strawberry banana flavor and then well...a bit lack luster
I think that this would be best used dripping instead of in a tank
while it is a smooth vape, little to no throat hit, sweet with a hint of strawberry banana, it quickly looses flavor chain vaping

As i said I'm on the has a great flavor, when you can taste it, but after a few hits it looses it's flavor...after waiting a while and vaping it again the flavor is back again and it is a wonderful flavor that I would love to chain vape but not able to in my tank....this juice I would recommend getting but I would suggest keeping it in a dripper and not a tank.

[edit]so for those that like Zombie Apocalypes from AiV I think you'd like Strawnana Smoothie from NicQuid it is very close except for it's more a smoothie than a cupcake
i'm thinking if you mixed the two together

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