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  1. Old Fashioned from Mt Baker Vapor

    by , 02-18-2015 at 05:16 PM
    this one seems to be discontinued...
    Old Fashioned from Mt Baker Vapor
    this only info on this I could find on their site was from an old blog

    a little throat hit and lots of plume
    i can't decide if i like this one or not....it's different....it's fruity (i think it has peaches in it and that's why I don't really like), sweet, almost a menthol taste to it...clean and crisp might be koolada in it.....if you can get your hands on a bottle it's worth a try...... ...
  2. Navy from Parrot Vapors

    by , 02-18-2015 at 04:28 PM
    apparently this one doesn't have their own website? But I did find them on facebook and you can purchase their juice from other vendors
    Navy from Parrot Vapors

    no throat hit and lots of plume
    sweet and slightly tart blueberry custard
    this is a nice vape while they say it's a blueberry waffle custard to me it's more like if you made sweetarts into a smoothie
  3. RY 4 Tobacco from EC Blend

    by , 02-18-2015 at 02:53 PM
    RY 4 Tobacco from EC Blend

    for a tobacco this isn't half bad except for that it is a bit peppery flavored....nice sweet caramel flavor blends well with the tobacco, if it wasn't hits of pepper in it it'd be a truly great vape
    a little throat hit and a nice somewhat light plume
  4. Creamy Orange from MadTown Vapor

    by , 02-10-2015 at 05:24 PM
    Creamy Orange from MadTown Vapor

    oh Mr. Dino, why.... oh because it'd give it an honest review....this was a freebie tossed in with my last order, cuz he knew i wouldn't order it
    for those that know me, you know I do not like orange flavors.....so that said, this is the first orange flavored vape i've had that doesn't taste like orange peels.....

    no throat hit but a bit of an irritation (I get that with most acidic vapes, oranges, lemons, coconut, ...
  5. Sweet Passion from deejstuff

    by , 02-10-2015 at 04:16 PM
    Sweet Passion from deejstuff

    all i can say is just WOW deej and witch1 rocked it with this one!
    [side note]for those that have tried deejstuff in the past and like me were left a bit lack luster in flavor....i highly suggest trying them again but at 200% flavoring[/side note]

    no throat hit and cloud up the room plume makes this a great vape but the flavor is unremarkable! Sweet, rich, bold ever change profiles....
    sweet cream meets dark chocolate mixed ...
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