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Fire Bucket

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by , 08-19-2014 at 09:15 PM (318 Views)
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A few months back, I fumbled my Vamo off my deck railing and it smacked onto a paving stone from about 8 feet. On inspection it looked ok, but later when I put it in and activated it, it went into meltdown. I was sitting right next to an interior door, so I just picked it up with a handy pair of pliers and pitched the whole mod out into the kids sandbox.

Now, I'm more careful to secure my rig, and if one takes a tumble, the battery goes in the bucket for observation. I won't even consider putting a battery in anything without a good vent ON BOTH ENDS.

The bucket?

I got a red metal pail with three or four inches of sand in the bottom. I even made a stencil and painted a symbol on it, then I hung it from a bell hook in my office where I chain vape all day long. I even spray painted a pair of pliers red and chained them to the bucket. It was just kind of a decorative joke at first, but the San Antonio meltdown got me thinking maybe we should put out fire buckets at these things. Sure, probably would not have helped in this case...

No amount of preparation can address stupid. Stupid always finds a way. But I think we look a lot better if we acknowledge the actual danger and take measures to prepare for it, so let's not argue about this. Let's just do it. I may make up a few for my local B&Ms just to get the idea rolling.

Mine is hanging on a black hook and has a kind of nice guy cave look to it. I'll share my stencil, but usually fire buckets are just a red metal bucket with sand and (optionally) the word "FIRE" in black. Keep it simple.


BTW, I did put a little thought into this. That little squiggly arrow tells fire people that we are talking about electrical or chemical fire. I put the nozzle down thinking any fluids would drain into sand and not be (as) available for the plume.