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SteelJan video: How to repair a Mod & How to Spot a bad one!

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by , 03-18-2012 at 02:14 AM (1313 Views)
Micheal Prater sent me two mods he got that were broken. One, he said, is from a popular modder and it never worked from the beginning. The other one I just learned worked for a little while and then went bad, a 5V boxmod from madvapes.

Here's the video:

PS, I fixed the madvapes one fairly easily. The other one was so shorted out to begin with that the regulator no longer works, only puts out about 2.5v.


  1. rolygate's Avatar
    Nice work Jan

    So, you're saying that we can't use bare cable and an arc welder to make a mod with? Darn it - back to the drawing board then...
  2. SteelJan's Avatar
    Thanks Roly. I love modding, so much fun. And there's no way anyone can keep bad mods like this out of vaper's hands, especially when the modder has a huge fan base and everyone says how great s/he is. Best I think we can do is show folks what a bad mod looks like so they might open them up and take a look for themselves.

    Several months ago I got another mod from another popular modder. It was working intermittently. This one was a very nice-looking sealed-up unit, so I had to crack it apart. OMG, pieced together wiring, solder blobs all over the place, none of them insulated from touching one another. The switch was probably rated at only a few hundred milliamps. The atty connector had clearly been taken out of another ecig with brute force and had damage to it. This was yet another mod that should never have gone into innocent user's hands.