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  1. HIC's MOCHA NIPS recipe

    by , 04-30-2014 at 07:44 PM
    (very sweet mocha, like Nips Mocha hard candies - see notes for a mocha coffee)
    2% FA Vienna Cream
    1.5% FA Caramel
    1% FA Cocoa
    0.5% FA Espresso (careful - it's very strong)
    0.5% FA Meringue

    The Meringue adds the sweetness level of hard candy; this taste a lot like Nips Mocha candies. For a sweet, creamy mocha coffee, just leave out the Meringue. This is a great recipe to vape with variable voltage.
  2. Attack of the Hana Modz Clone. Let's wait together!

    by , 04-30-2014 at 07:24 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by frankbuse View Post

    Newest video of the cana modz
  3. When your BCC gurgles...

    by , 04-30-2014 at 01:15 AM
    I love the T3S and MT3S tanks I have, but because they're BCCs, they do have issues sometimes -- such as gurgling.

    I've had plenty of gurgling with mine, and learned to deal. It usually means:

    a) liquid in the center tube -- swab out with pipe cleaner;


    b) loose coil in the base -- tighten it;


    c) rubber gasket on the base not laying flat -- if you can't get it to lay flat, you may need either a new gasket or -- ...
  4. What resistance coil do you have in your Mini Protank II?

    by , 04-29-2014 at 09:32 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by christiane View Post
    I dont know where to post so I will do it here, regarding ejuices.....I started with 100% and then tried a few other ratios....and find 50/50 works good too , anything higher in pg gives me that awful throat hit.....now, I have leftover high vg juices that seem to cause problems in some of the tanks I have, should I get a lower resistance coil for these juices or what does anyone suggest?

    by , 04-29-2014 at 05:56 PM
    (Fantastic! As decadent, silky, and flavorful as Bailey's liqueur -- be sure to see my notes below)
    2% FA Cocoa
    1.5% Flavor West Creme de Menthe*
    1% FA Vienna Cream
    1% FA Irish Cream
    0.5% FA Caramel
    0.5% FA Chocolate

    * FW's Creme de Menthe is my choice, smoother than TFA's flavor of the same name, perfect in this recipe. If you have only TFA's, it will work reasonably well here, also at 1.5%

    Mix well. Vaped immediately is delicious, ...

    Updated 04-30-2014 at 07:45 PM by HeadInClouds

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