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  1. Dec 10 / 2014 - Still Smoking...

    by , Today at 07:22 PM (Mark Andersen - eCig Blog)
    I've been vaping the J C Classic - Black Cigar (18mg/ml) on and off for a couple of days now.
    (I've never really been a big cigar smoker, and don't like it very much.)
    OK, I've REALLY got to stop smoking cigarettes, time to go to the vape shop.
    (25 minute drive later...)
    Well, Damn, They're CLOSED...
    Apparently, they've got some strange business hours :
    Weekdays : 5 PM - 9 PM.
    Saturday : Noonish - 6 PM.
    (Well, THAT'LL LEARN ME... Next time use ...
  2. Dec 5 / 2014 - Well, I gotta start somewhere...

    by , Today at 06:17 PM (Mark Andersen - eCig Blog)
    A couple of weeks ago, my Father-In-Law lent me a dual KangerTech EVOD2 set.
    650 mAh Batteries and USB / Wall Charger.
    1.6 ml Clearomizers.
    3 x 1.5 Ohm Coils.
    He loaded both with J C Classic - Black Cigar (18mg/ml).
    His only stipulation was if I didn't use them within two weeks, I had to give them back.

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  3. Where is our publicist?

    by , Today at 04:08 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by TheKiwi View Post
    Heeeheeehee. Went into my first B&M today. It was a beyond vape shop. Fun experience, but Nrh worth getting excited over. There were a bunch of folks who were just excitedly buying mods and ATTIES and getting the folks at the shop to "help them blow clouds"
    Hmmm :/ On one hand I'm glad they aren't smoking tobacco and have found something fun to do, but on the other, with articles about how more kids are using e-cigs more than smoking (never mind the skewed logic), I ...
  4. Vapenstein from Grand Vapors

    by , Today at 09:43 AM
    this one was sent to me by a friend and i'm impressed (same from the apple berry pie)

    Vapenstein from Grand Vapors

    to me this is like a nice dark chocolate nutty cookie dough
    no throat hit and a light plume
    simi sweet custard, flaky pastery
    though searching this, they don't mention chocolate in it but I swear to me it taste just like a nice dark chocolate cookie dough....I need me some more of this!

    Updated Today at 09:45 AM by Shadav

    The Good, The Bad and The WT_ Was That Juice , The Good
  5. Crunkberry from Alice in Vapeland

    by , Today at 09:19 AM
    Crunkberry from Alice in Vapeland

    i'm sorry but I really just don't taste anything.....i get a harsh throat hit a light plume and no flavor.....
    very let down......i tried it in my vision et dripper with a new coil and in a new bridgeless atty....no flavor and harsh throat hit.....