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Just a bunch of random vape related blah blah blah

  1. How to use a digital multimeter - A tuturial for vapers

    by , 12-11-2014 at 01:44 AM (super_X_drifter blah blah BLOG)

    1080P HD POV video on how to use a multimeter to check battery voltage, coil resistance, voltage drop at the atomizer (lower resistance builds = higher voltage drop) and voltage drop of the mod itself.
    Tags: fluke, reo, reo grand
    How To , Tutorials
  2. Vaping Battery Safety & Ohms Law Illustrated and explained in very simple terms

    by , 12-09-2014 at 02:45 PM (super_X_drifter blah blah BLOG)
  3. Squonking and Blind Squonking on a Bottomfeeder

    by , 10-28-2014 at 04:20 AM (super_X_drifter blah blah BLOG)
  4. Video - Correctly Rebuild your REO and Diagnose juice in the mod where it doesn't belong

    by , 10-28-2014 at 04:16 AM (super_X_drifter blah blah BLOG)
    ]Here's a brand new vid demonstrating the correct way to rebuild your REO metal mod.

    I also go into a trick Rob told me about to help you find the source of juice in your mod

    Thanks for watching

    Updated 10-28-2014 at 04:23 AM by super_X_drifter

    How To , REO , Bottom Feeders , Tutorials
  5. The Artistic Wire Coil Gizmo for PERFECT Micro Coils every time

    by , 09-08-2014 at 11:42 PM (super_X_drifter blah blah BLOG)
    Micro Coil , How To , RBA , Tutorials
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