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Like a Virgin - Inexpensive Tools for a Noob to Rebuilding

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by , 06-25-2014 at 05:49 PM (502 Views)
Yes, I am a noob.

Until a few days ago, I've always used devices (VV/VW), and used stock coils. When I ran out, I'd order more.

I decided to venture into the world of both drippers, and a mechanical mod (Reo mini 2.1). Looking at the videos for rebuilding coils made it SEEM super easy, so I wasn't daunted by losing my coil cherry when my mod, or the drippers finally arrived.

Well, the drippers came last week (2 igo-L). I had my Kanthal, pliers, light...everything that I thought I would need. And then, lo and behold...I got a good look at the posts.

Small. So very, very small.

I waited a day or two, thinking about what I should do. Did I *really* want to drip? Was it that much of a big deal to order the altogether random stock atomizers heads from kanger? Seriously random, mind 1.8 orders would come in ranging anywhere from 1.8 to 2.6.

I was about to say, "No big," and then I realised...I still had an Reo mini coming in. I had to rebuild the reomizer. *PANIC*

I'm 46. My eyes are not that great. I wear glasses, and over the last few years, the prescription has consistently changed every year (for the worse). How was I *EVER* going to be able to do this, aside from going into a shop and asking someone to build for me?

I found some surprisingly inexpensive (and PERFECT) tools to help!

lluminated Multipower LED Binohead Magnifier

This was the best $7.87 I ever spent. Seriously. I can see what I am doing, it lights up, and...well, my husband makes fun of me when he sees it on me.

Lutz 4-In-One Pocket Screwdriver

This is the size of a pen. It LOOKS like a pen. Ran me I think $2.99 in Ace.

Dispensing Needle, Blunt Tip 14 ga x 1-1/2" 50 pcs

Perfect for not only helping to thread the cotton into the coil, but also useful for DIY mixing

Ohm Meter

You might be able to get one cheaper, but get one nonetheless. You'll be needing this. I like this one because it is very small and compact.

Artistic Wire Coiling Gizmo

I haven't actually used this, but it is on order. My hands shake like a mofo, and my coils are all over the place. From what I've read, this thing is perfect. And cheap. Did I mention, cheap?

We all know we're spending tons of money on mods and juices, at least we can hope for cheap, functional tools that will make our experience easier!

Vape on!
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  1. MSD1405's Avatar
    I bought exactly the same thing as my first RDA's a couple of weeks ago i.e. [B]2 x IGO-L[/B].
    I also bought some [B]30 & 32GA Kanthal wire[/B] some 2mm & 3mm [B]Silica wick[/B] however don't use as I since found (unbleached) 100% cotton balls easier/quicker and tastes better than silica.

    [Quote]Tarja wrote: [B]Ohm Meter[/B]
    [url=]2-in-1 Ohm & Voltage Meter[/url][/Quote]
    Yeap, an absolute necessity. I don't own one however already have a Voltage meter which can also read Ohms so use it. Its not as easy to use as a Ohm Meter but works fine. One day I'll buy one of those.

    [Quote] Tarja wrote: [B]lluminated Multipower LED Binohead Magnifier[/B]
    [url][/url] [/Quote]

    Oh yes......I am looking for one of these as well as my eyes kill me after a build or two.!

    [Quote] Tarja wrote: [B]Artistic Wire Coiling Gizmo[/B]
    [url][/url] [/Quote]

    In the comments somebody noted that the rods are --3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6.5mm and 8mm round.
    I think 3mm being the smallest may still be too thick for building average coils as it won't allow many wraps? I use Drill bits myself, [B]1.5mm (approx. 1/16).[/B] or slightly larger. This size is a [B]good guide [/B]on size from what I have read.
    Wrapping the Coils: You will find after a bit of practice it gets easier (even with a shaky hand), you can squish the wraps closer together with a tweezers to reduce any gaps while still on the drill bit (or whatever).

    [Quote] Tarja wrote: [B]Dispensing Needle, Blunt Tip 14 ga x 1-1/2" 50 pcs [/B]
    That's a lot of needles :-) You can usually source individually with your Vape supplies/juices when buying [B]syringes[/B] for mixing.

    [B]The other items I use are: [/B]
    - Pair of [B]Tweezers[/B] to squish the Coils tight when building and for general stuff.
    [I]Some people like [B]ceramic[/B] ones which allows one to squeeze the coil while firing. Metal tweezers would create a battery short if one did this. I use metal but heat coil and then squeeze only after power button is released. [/I]

    [B]Lighter:[/B] To heat up the Coil (to red hot) prior to wrapping it. It removes residue and also makes the wire less springy. I have yet to invest in a decent [B]mini blow torch[/B]!

    [B]Daylight:[/B] So much easier on the eyes if time/weather prevails to sit outside and build coils :-)

    [B]A Little Toolbox with compartments[/B] To put everything in as it doesn't take long for all the table tops to be covered with all this gear!

    Happy Vaping and hope the IGO-L's are going well. Still learning myself.
  2. Tarja's Avatar
    Agreed with all of the above. I bought a lot of those syringes in bulk, for when I start to mix my own juices. It makes sense for me. It's not a necessity, and frankly I don't use those for the most part anymore when coiling. I did, however, when I first started.It was more of an item that could help you drive that cotton through; even with magnifying lens, it's damned hard to get that in there

    Absolutely everything else, yes I appreciate the input!

    Oh, and the IGO-Ls are long gone. Those were just way too small for me to work with. I'm enjoying the Neptune hybrid, however....very, very much!