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  1. DOC's personal mods & gadget PHOTOS.....

    by , 08-21-2009 at 09:22 PM
    Here are some photos of some personal gadgets I've made for myself......mostly for VX2 series ecigs. Notice How I used a couple of UNI-BALL PEN bodies for my PV's? The VX2 attys just screw onto this device just as it would screw onto an original VX2 battery or passthrough. The UNI-BALL has a VX2 threaded brass connector pressed and epoxied into it. The connector was salvaged from a VX2 manual battery.

    The first photo features a UNI-BALL PV that has a modular DC connector which allows ...

    Updated 08-27-2009 at 01:13 AM by The Doc