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Kayfun Replacement O-rings and Screws!

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by , 04-27-2014 at 09:02 PM (2236 Views)
So I know I originally intended to only blog about random builds that I've figuring out, but it just dawned on me that there are SO many important information out there in ECF, except that they are buried in MASSIVE threads. so I figured I'm gonna start compiling and categorizing these information; mostly just because it'll be useful for my own reference, and well, it would turn out to be useful for some folks.

First thing! If anyone is looking for:
1) a source of replacement o-rings
2) replacement deck screws with flat bottoms (many clones have crappy post screws that are rounded at the bottom, making it real hard to capture your leads)

and like me, refuse to pay the ridiculous mark up for normally dirt-cheap and accessible parts, you're in luck.


(Btw, the information in this post is courtesy of the very kind ECF-er, Akdare)

1) Fill screw oring (the super tiny ones): 2mm inner diameter x 1mm wide
2) Chimney (sits in the top cap, where the top chimney section slides through): 5mm inner diameter x 1.5 mm wide
3) Base and other sections: 18mm inner diameter x 1mm wide

1) Fill Screw oring: http://www.mcmaster.com/#9262k101/
2) Chimney oring: http://www.mcmaster.com/#9262k121/
3) Base and other sections orings: http://www.mcmaster.com/#9262k616/


1) What: Those tiny screws for capturing the leads on the deck. Critical dimension: M1.6x0.35mm

1) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Machine-Scre...item4d1ed99528. (If this is no longer listed, look for the seller Zoro Tools, and find the Cheese A2 SS 3mm Slotted screws. I've found the 3mm to be absolutely perfect)

2) http://www.fastener-express.com/m1.6...-qty-50-1.aspx (this is a philips head instead of slotted)

There are definitely other sources, but these are the 2 places I've personally bought from and tested them. The main thing about these screws is the fact that the bottom of the screw head is flat, allowing for super easy captures.

2) What: Fill hole screws! (information courtesy of Paul.K)
a. Kayfun Lite: M2.5 Countersunk, length = 4mm
b. KFL+ : M2.5 Pan head, length = 4mm
b2. From MaxUT: For the KFL+, apparently the M2.5 x 0.45 x 5 screw also works (Havent verified this myself)

Where: No clue for a. and b. I personally haven't bought these replacements before so i can't help. If you know of a source, please let me know!

For b2, it can be found here: http://www.mcmaster.com/#92000a103/

and oh lastly as a side rant,

to all you sneaky greedy vendors charging $8 to $15 for a tiny pack of o-rings, shame on you guys and well, *** you.
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  1. David1975's Avatar
    Thank you for this post, and directing me to it. I just got the fill screw O-rings from McMaster-Carr and they work perfectly :-)
  2. TheKiwi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by David1975
    Thank you for this post, and directing me to it. I just got the fill screw O-rings from McMaster-Carr and they work perfectly :-)
    welp! glad it helped! I know I hate to pay the ridiculous prices that the vendors charge for a couple of pieces of rubber.
  3. Mrez's Avatar
    For the Kayfun LIte fill screw, what does the counter sunk exactly mean?
  4. 76bridget's Avatar
    I've referred to this several times. Thanks!
  5. BuddJohnson's Avatar
    @ Kiwi,
    re, If you know of a source, please let me know!

    Recently found a good supplier on Alibaba Express that sells nylon screws to replace the hard to find fill hole screws on your Kayfuns.
    These nylon screws work great, better than the factory screws IMO and they seal perfectly without an oring. I did a test order of 48 recently. They arrived in 3 weeks to Canada.
    2 of my KFs were out of service due to stripped fill hole screws. Now they are all back in service with this improvement.
    Here are the links for the 2 common fill hole screw sizes of M2.5 x 5 and M3 x 5 (well the ones listed on Ali are actually M3 x 6, but they work fine).

    Low price 1 piece Metric Thread M2.5*5mm Nylon Countersunk Head Phillips Screws-in Screws from Home Improvement on ...........com | Alibaba Group
    Low price 1 piece Metric Thread M3*6mm Nylon Countersunk Head Phillips Screws-in Screws from Home Improvement on ...........com | Alibaba Group

    You can order 24 of each for $4.12 USD total. So affordable for the average vaper. He combines shipping costs if you order more than 1 type.
    Vape vendors take note! These should be in every vape shop on the planet.

    Careful with the brass ones he has listed tho. The brass M2.5 x 5 works (with an oring), but the brass M3 x 5 does not fit. The head is to wide.
    One thing tho. The tracking never showed up on Track17 until the day it was delivered. Not sure if this was an isolated incident or what, but rest assured they will come.

    Vape on...
  6. BuddJohnson's Avatar
    Sorry. Looks like they put the kibosh on my links..
    Oh well, the screws are out there. A search will find them..
    M2.5*6mm Nylon Countersunk
    M3*6mm Nylon Countersunk
  7. kkay59's Avatar
    Oh how I wish I had seen this blog earlier. Thank you Kiwi for this information! It is such a shame we have to go digging for info that should be easily accessible. This is exactly the kind of info that makes life much easier, for vapors. Thank you so much!!!