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Just need to vent

I'm so peed off now I can't see straight. I work all day while the hens sleep. I, work, get home and the old woman,(who is the mother of the Lady I love more than life), is just gripping about what's for dinner and it has to be at a certain time. I'm sorry. I don't live on a time frame. I've been up for over 14 hours and all she can think about is her belly. She has things to eat that she can get. What ticks me off the most is that I can go all day at work without a analog, and when I get home the first thing she does is light a cigarette. Well that make me fail. Then I start smoking like I use to. I'm not making any headway with this.
When I go to my bores nest (my bedroom), she thinks something is wrong with me. If I go get a drink from the kitchen all she does is ask what's wrong?

I cared for my own Father and this old woman gets better treatment from me than he did. I'm doing laundry and also trying to get things done for the shop so I can help make a profit and provide information to those who need to know.

Your belly isn't my concern at the moment.
Well at least there arn't anymore holes in the walls, like when I got mad at my Father.
My sweetie comes home and she doesn't understand why I'm frustrated.

I GAVE this woman 3 pv's and let her pick her own juice. I bought a nice holder in her favorite color (purple), and she won't touch any of them. When I say something the first thing she does is light a cigarette.
Well that doesn't help me.
But then no one said life was easy or fair.

Then my Sweetie gets mad when I say something to either of them. I think I'll just stay in the bores nest for a couple of days. Come out for food and then return. Maybe it will be good for me. Who knows.

I should have gone out in a blaze of glory when I was 25.
Would have been a lot less stressful.
(not serious about that btw)
I got to much to live for. I got the best little Lady in the whole wide world.
Well it's off my chest for now. Thanks all.

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