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Totally New to The World of Vaping

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by , 07-09-2014 at 03:51 AM (321 Views)
Two days ago, 07/05/2014, I made the best impulse buy ever, it wasn't really because I had plans to stop smoking, but more because I was curious...

Dropped by a local tobacco shop and it had been revamped and had turned into a mostly vape store, the cigarettes and cigars no longer a predominant feature.

Having a few friends that vape I knew what I was looking at, but honestly didn't have a clue what was what, so I asked a bunch of questions and let myself get talked into a starter kit that was in my budget, and a few flavors.

As stated above... Best impulse buy I've ever made!

Day 1 it was a novelty, so I vaped and smoked analogs (as I've learned to call them) , Day 2 was rather surprising when I literally forgot about the pack in my pocket and only smoked 3 all day.

Still very new to it all, still have a million questions, but here we are... Day 3 - not a single analog smoked , and gave my almost full pack away to the first person that asked for one.

I was smoking over a pack a day for 25 years and the various times I tried to quit nothing ever made me just put cigs down and forget about them, only 3 days in and I already feel , and breathe better.

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  1. CountBoredom's Avatar
    Congratulations! Love reading stories about how people started vaping. Good luck!
  2. TuTu25's Avatar
    If only we knew how easy it was 5 years ago!