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Kick Bass New Beta Flavor

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by , 03-26-2011 at 06:33 PM (454 Views)
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I just received my first order from KBV, yesterday.First ,the customer service is great,I ordered this week and received ,this week..Very impressive.Also a a hand written note, with my small order.I ordered Bob's OMG and it is OMG, as in out of the ballpark.So when I saw a sample of his beta new flavor Prickley Pear I thought hmmmm.Now I would have never order anything that said "Prickley Pear, so with trepidation, I gave it a vape..The only thing I have to say is I want some now..Hay Bob do you sell Beta?This is an awesome flavor.Clean taste, with a slight hint of menthol, at least to me, and bomb shell mouth refreshing feeling..Even though the sample is 6mg of nic and I have all these new capes, one from Bob and 2 from Ms T's, I find myself going back to this sample.I wish I had waited to order yesterday, my Kick Bass Candy Bar and seen if Bob would fill the Pear instead, but alas I did not, so will have to wait 2 weeks now for my money..Oh well..I have my sample to I vape it empty which won't be long now, Trisha...