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Everyone compares the ProVari...

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by , 06-10-2014 at 05:49 PM (456 Views)
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...to a Cadillac, for obvious reasons. But today I'd like to offer another analogy that I think works just as well, if not better, because I've seen lots of Cadillac's in junk yards.

The ProVari is like an AK47.

Durable and reliable, because it can take a beating and still function flawlessly.

Infamous, just about everyone knows what an AK47 is, and just about everyone has opinions of the rifle, some very polarizing. In the vaping community, just the word 'Provari' can be enough to set off a firestorm and polarize the entire vaping community.

Outdated, this is where I disagree, but almost anybody who goes out of their way to avoid Provari's/AK47's always tend to fall back on the argument that the equipment is old and outdated. The AK was invented in 1947, very little has changed in that time, yet it is still one of the most popular, well built, reliable, easy to use rifles in the world. The ProVari was invented a few years ago, yet very little has changed in that time, I'm sure you can see why. It simply works, and works simply, plus it's built like a tank.

Haters gonna hate, and technology addicts will always try to upgrade everything until they've upgraded themselves into non-functional oblivion.

Can anyone think of any other comparisons?


  1. PLANofMAN's Avatar
    Yep. The Ural. Ironic, really, because it is also a Russian import. It has issues when new, (much like some ProVari's ) but when it's all sorted out, that motorcycle sidecar rig can go just about anywhere a mountain goat can go, and when it does break down, nine times out of ten it can be fixed with the onboard basic repair kit and a hammer. The basic design is antique, based off of the BMW R71 motorcycle built in the 1930's.

    2014 saw the first major upgrade in over 10 years, EFI (electronic fuel injection) and disk brakes all the way around. Makes me wonder what ProVape has up their sleeve for V3.

  2. Trypno's Avatar
    That is a pretty awesome looking bike. How much does something like that go for?
  3. PLANofMAN's Avatar
    2WD Gear Up (with shovel, spare tire + mount, gas can + mount) goes for about $16,000
    2013 and earlier model Gear Ups go for about $11,000-$14,000.
    The other models (without 2WD) are cheaper.

    2014 pricing:
    Gear-Up 2WD - $15,999.00
    Patrol 2WD - $15,399.00
    Ural-T - $12,399.00
  4. Trypno's Avatar
    Good golly, guess I'd have to be real serious about buying a bike to get into one of those.
  5. PLANofMAN's Avatar
    Or buy it used.