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Taking Inventory....My Collection

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by , 08-14-2014 at 03:39 AM (296 Views)
I'm listing more detailed items than most folks do but this also serves as a type of backup inventory sheet in case any of this grows little feet and wanders away. Again, this is more for my benefit. Edits may be required at a later time.


Authentic Mech Mods:

Magneto - Stainless
Magneto - Brass
V3 Flip - Stainless with Blue/Personalized

Authentic RBA's
Smok-Tech RSST
Smok-Tech RSST Pyrex

Authentic Tanks:
ProTank 1 - 4
ProTank 2 - 1
ProTank Mini - 2

Mechanical Mods Clones

Stingray X - Stainless and Copper
Stingray - Brushed Brass
Nemesis - Red Aluminum
Nemesis - Crimson Red
Nemesis - Copper
Caravela Mod, Brass Tube (18650)
Caravela Mod, SS, Black Plated (18650)
Chi You, Silver, Chromed Brass
4Nine, Copper

RDA Clones:
Patriot, Brass, Blue Plated
Patriot, Stainless Steel, Gold Plated
Zenith V2, SS, Silver (Gold AFC Ring)
Zenith V2, SS, Silver (Blue AFC Ring)
Zenith V2, SS, Silver (Red AFC Ring)
Zenith V2, SS, Silver (Copper AFC Ring)
Tobh Atty - Copper
Tobh Atty - Black
Nimbus JPGE
Plume Veil
3D RDA, Polished

Drip Tips
Zenith V2 Gold Drip Tip
Zenith V2, Red Drip Tip
Zenith V2, SS Drip Tip - 2
Nimbus SS Tip
Plume Veil SS Tip
3D RDA, 510 Adapter & Drip Tip
Wide Bore SS
Smok-Tech RSST Large Vase, SS - 2
ProTank 2 - 1
ProTank Mini, SS, 1
ProTank Mini, SS, Torched (blue), 1
Wide Bore Copper/SS Short
Wide Bore Copper/SS Medium
Aluminum, 510, Blue
Aluminum, 510, Silver
Vase, SS - 2
Wide Bore Black Delerin, Short
Wide Bore Black Delerin, Medium
Black Delerin, 510 - 2
Nemesis SS 510 Drip Tip
Nemesis Brass 510 Drip Tip
2Puffs - Drip Tip, SS + Aluminum, Black
Vapelyfe, Drip Tip, SS + Acrylic, Gold
Vapelyfe, Drip Tip, SS + Acrylic, Silver
Chi You Stainless Steel 510 Drip Tip
Vicious Ant - 510 Drip Tip - Red
Vicious Ant - 510 Drip Tip - Blue