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AH - The Post - and What Happened to "Uncle" . . .

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by , 08-31-2011 at 10:28 PM (1270 Views)
Disclaimer for anyone that just comes across this: This First Entry is only for some "Clarification Purposes" . . . AND, while only some people will understand - that is okay for now (there may or may not be others) . . .

Okay - there seems to be some major misconceptions and opinions being thrown about . . . SO - I want to make this “perfectly clear” (AND - if I had a Nixon “Smiley I would surely post it here) . . . as I mentioned to a couple of people who were concerned about my where-a-bouts and if I was okay . . .

Actually, when I first read the post commenting on my use of “emoticons” and the “likes” it received . . .I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't a little "Miffed" - and who knew that my post with “emoticons” would cause that much of a problem for some people . . . But to think that – that comment/opinion would send me away – Come ON ! ! ! Please ! ! ! I’ve had worse things done to me and said to me while on-line and on the “Internet”- and to my face one-on-one – MUCH WORSE ! ! !

However, I have no intentions of leaving the thread, just because of a simple comment or a single opinion . . . All I wanted to do was back away for awhile and let things settled down, especially let the OP and those who "liked" the comment to calm down, nor was there anything that I felt I could contribute to the conversations given the "Tenor' of that post at the moment . . .

Now, I didn't think my backing away for awhile would cause any of the "drama" as I now see happening . . I just started to get involved with some other threads where they "like" my post and input to the group . . . and just been "lurking" at the thread (specific thread - you know) every now and then . . . and given what I read - I didn't think there was anything I could add or needed to be say by me at the time . . . Well that is until now . . . It takes me some time (okay - a lot of time) to write/type stuff, since I do have some major problems with my spelling and grammar . . . and given that I do have a form of dyslexia, which I hate to have to admit to - especially here, it does takes me even more time, more importantly - to add in just the right “emoticon” to my post and to have it say what I want to put across to everyone . . . AHHHH - NOW, everyone feel sorry for Uncle – and I will leave the thread ! ! !

Also, to be very honest about it, personally in the past when I was on other community “sites,” I have always disliked seeing a number of peoples post who used “emoticons” myself - they looked childish . . . SO what did they have to say to me . . . I am an “Adult” . . . why would I need to read or see little smiley faces and “Emoticons” in a post. So, I too would just go by them and read what I wanted to – Boy, did I lose out. I couldn’t see or learn - till to late - what those people and their post actually had to offer. And now that I am still having a lot of anxiety and trouble trying to make this transition into the “Vaping” World . . . Staying on-line to learn more about "vaping" here as I keep trying and being involved with ECF, the ** Thread and some of the other threads too, “creating” whimsical and/or hopefully humorous post makes it a little easier for me.

SO what the Hey . . . Life goes on . . . I am feeling okay and having a good time . . . And if someone can’t see past the “Stuff” – Not My Problem – I have enough problems that I am going through for myself - can’t take on anyone else probelms with what they do or do not like - Right now.

HEY - you want to hear something else that just might seem as funny to you as it does me – I am involved in the behavior modifications field and more specifically, for the past 8 years I volunteered to create and now run a “Bereavement Support Group” for people who have been marginalized and ignored by the greater society for more important reasons than just one person opinion that was expressed here. Now - ain’t that a HOOT ! ! ! !

Yep - I'm a Counselor (The social work variety) and I know all about behavior modification therapy and I just cannot get myself around some "stuff" yet . . . Now what does that say about me . . . No need to answer it was a rhetoric question - I already know about myself ! ! !


  1. DM's Avatar
    Hey, My Grammer sucks too I enjoy reading your post everyday Keep em coming Uncle
  2. crbrown's Avatar
    I am the worlds worst speller... lol even my spell check messes up!
  3. rave's Avatar
    Uncle - Great to see ya! It just gets me miffed when people think that the internet is not IRL (In Real Life ?) C'mon!! It is "real life". The internet is not an excuse to lose common courtesy. Had to say something about it. *end of rant* -Raven
  4. Uncle's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rave
    Uncle - Great to see ya! It just gets me miffed when people think that the internet is not IRL (In Real Life ?) C'mon!! It is "real life". The internet is not an excuse to lose common courtesy. Had to say something about it. *end of rant* -Raven
    You're so right and all that had to be done is as "starsongs" suggested in the first place and probably none of this would have happened or gotten out of hand like it did . . . I just get so - I guees the best thing to say is put out - when soemone doesn't think before they act - even just like I did (and am just as guilty of doing myself) in response to that other post in the thread . . . I really hope we can get back to having FUN, "razzing" - each other a little every so often and having a good time socializing with each other.
  5. rave's Avatar
    We'll all get back to it - cuz we're basically fun-loving people on that thread (mostly because Imagine doesn't hold us back - bless her heart). Welcome home Uncle.
  6. Lax's Avatar
    Gotta send a thanks your way. When people called out your absence I looked to see if you had been posting anywhere, and I found.......CONTEST THREADS!!!! [IMG]http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj184/befje/smileys%203/bf-mailsmiley.gif[/IMG]

    I'm still fairly new around here and hadn't stumbled into many of those...
    So THANKS buddy [IMG]http://yoursmiles.org/tsmile/hug/t4614.gif[/IMG]