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Diabetes, "E-Liquids", and Vaping?

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by , 02-22-2014 at 06:11 PM (1301 Views)
I am a Diabetic (Type 2 currently) and IMO (Yes- My Personal Opinion) "Vaping" and the effects of certain "E-Liquids" that are ingested by Diabetics should be a concern of every other diabetic person who is currently Vaping and their intake of "Sugar"/"Complex Carbohydrates" that can be found in "E-Liquids", especially if the "E-Liquids" contains any and all forms of sugar or sugar substitutes . . . That includes all the ones made from food flavoring that are derived from certain Fruit Juices that contain fructose, etc. . . . Again - IMO and after much research - These and other flavors that have a sweeter taste can and do have had a sugar like effect on people - so you might want to be careful with those.

Matter of fact, there are many studies happening currently to the affects of sugar substitutes and their effects on people with diabetes . . . Nothing is conclusive as of yet, but you should be concerned and aware of what effects may happen to your sugar levels when "Vaping" certain "E-Liquids", especially when you do not know what they are made from and what the "Vendor" has used in them . . . (Links to articles and reports will be provided below - Please READ to be informed and make "Your" own decisions)

This was also discussed in the New Members Forum some time ago - So "You" may want to check that thread out (here: Vaping and diabetes) - With Particular attention to a reply I made to one poster about ingesting "vapor" in the same thread (here: Vaping and diabetes).

The effects of "Vaping" has on Diabetics has also been discussed numerous times in the ECF Health, Safety and E-Smoking with varying opinions and actual facts that people may want to search for themselves. A couple of post I found of particular interest:
Quote Originally Posted by damthisisfun View Post
When I started vaping abt a year ago, I did some research on VG - i read some articles that said it can increase triglycerides. Cant find that exact same article - but here i what i found:

Vegetable glycerin, more commonly referred to as glycerol, is a polyol alcohol compound. Glycerol is a common food additive which works as a preservative, a sweetener, and thickening agent. Humans metabolize glycerol into a form of triglycerides, phospholipids, and possibly glucose. Since glycerol is an alcohol, it does metabolize like a carbohydrate, although it has a lower glycemic index than sucrose. Thus, it is likely to cause a small increase in your blood sugar, though the amount contained in your pseudo-cigarette is unlikely to make that increase significant (or perhaps even detectible). The bottom line: vegetable glycerin is generally recognized as safe and might produce a modest temporary elevation of blood sugar.
Propylene glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) on Vapes for Smoke Quiters
Quote Originally Posted by charly1954 View Post
I am no DR or Nurse as you are. But. One thing I do know is that when you inhale anything, if its absorbed thru the lungs it goes directly into the blood stream. It is not ingested like food but ends up in the same place, the blood.
And since it goes directly into the blood stream. I would think a higher concentrate would make it to the blood stream by being inhaled compared to same quanity going thru the stomach.
Here's what I mean. If you are a heavy vaper and manage to absorb 1/4 teaspoon of PG per day thru your lungs. Compare that with drinking 1/4 teaspoon of PG per day. More PG will make it to your blood stream thru vaping than thru your stomach. SO the small amount the lungs absorb means allot more than going thru your digestive system.

And blood is what we all know is used for a lipid test. So if PG or VG are aborbed thru lungs, it goes directly into the blood stream.

NOW - IMO - The Following links are provided for "Your" own edification and more importantly to read so "You" can make an informed choice - So please read the whole article - the majority of them are not that long:

Artificial Sweeteners -- More Dangerous than You Ever Imagined

The Bad Effects of Artificial Sweeteners on Diabetics | LIVESTRONG.COM

Diabetes and Sugar Substitutes

Could artificial sweetener CAUSE diabetes? Splenda 'modifies way the body handles sugar', increasing insulin production by 20% | Mail Online

Artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes - Mayo Clinic

Which Sugar Substitutes Are Safe for Diabetics? (with picture)

Sugar substitute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Artificial Sweeteners May Be Worse Than Sugar for Diabetics

The ABC's of Sugar Substitutes

The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners or Sugar Substitutes

I do hope this information is helpful and assist you in your search for an answer - Not the only answer - but an answer to your question/s and if "Vaping" effects the sugar levels (Daily Testing/Overall A1c Counts) of those with Diabetes . . .

OH BTW: As for any discussion/s about "Maltodextrin"/"Maltodextrose" (Maltodextrin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) . . . That is definitely something that is also of concern, especially given that "It is produced from starch" and "maltodextrin is technically a complex carbohydrate because of it's sugar content, it's high glycemic index means it goes through the digestive system super fast." Also "maltodextrin is just as bad, sometimes worse, as having sugar. Easily absorbed carbs like maltodextrin and sugar get into your bloodstream fast. If there is nothing for all that blood sugar to do (i.e. repair muscle-tissue, give energy), it will get stored as fat. Contrast that with real complex carbs from whole grains, which are broken down and absorbed slowly, and maltodextrin looks more and more like sugar." (Is Maltodextrin Bad for You? The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly | Fitness for Travel) So - The information about it use for Diabetics is quite questionable - more research is needed too . . .

PLEASE NOTE - DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A DOCTOR - nor do I have any Medical Degree - Like anything I post any and all information I provide concerning issues such as these are from personal experience and my own research . . . If You have any questions about the validity or content of my personal statements - JUST READ "My" Banner below . . . And as with anything - Please continue to do your own research on the subject . . . Information Is Your Only Way To LEARN and Gain Knowledge . . .

BTW: I have also post information about using "Cinnamon and Diabetes" in a "Blog" and couple of threads that you may want to check out also . . .

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    Uncle, that is a very comprehensive post with excellent links to articles and references. Must reading for a diabetic. None of the doctors I have been to for my Type 2 diabetes could answer the sugar substitute question. Or any questions regarding vaping, period.

    Thank you for all the research. Well done, Sir.
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