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Lady Avatar, "I Assume"?

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by , 01-02-2011 at 07:33 PM (582 Views)
trickery dickery doo......

b or not 2b,the conspiracy?
is it you or window dressing
underneath it all fantasy
to fool myself a tragedy

get a glimpse of you in time
when i look at your pic
part reflection of you
piece that makes you tic

your candy for my eyes
its if lookin @ a mirage
but i get repeatedly fooled
what's this strange voodoo

oh my ,who could it be
behind this cool obscene
some change it constantly
some never do it seems

with motives still unclear
i have nothin yet to fear
not likely well ever meet
alone here in cyber street

those delicious works of art
such a good place to start
they'll never see u comin
really is quite alarming

those paintings soon fall apart
when you say,who your not
a sad kind of ingenious
beautiful and dangerous

my gorgeous,sensual avatar
oh so very close ,+ still to far
your my dreams ,your my soul
imagination, persona, psycho.....

(i shudder sometimes to think
never a lady always a dink! :facepalm: o'le)

vapoinsano 1/1/11 reg/tm

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