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Planning stage again.

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by , 06-01-2011 at 10:24 PM (743 Views)
So here I am again after a bit of absence from my blog.

I have had a few medical issues but have also been busy looking at parts and deciding what to do next.

I was going to make a genesis style tankomizer, but as yet don't have the materials I need to make a mini lathe at home for working some parts.

So instead I have been looking at parts for a range of box mods in various layouts.
I like the size of my original mod which I am calling Monster Mod, this I will build a few of and may even do a VV version but this may sacrifice one battery leaving just one 18650 due to space restrictions in the box - or I could change the box a little bit and use two 14500 batteries in parallel to make some space for the extra circuitry.

Next down in the range size wise would be built into a 3AA battery box with two 14500 batteries in parallel and I can also fit charging circuitry in there provisionally to be named Midi Monster.

Lastly a 2AA box with single 14500 as a basic no frills cheap model, to be called Micro Monster.

I have also thought out different battery layouts for all versions so give people a bit of flexibility.

Connector wise I'm going with ego 510 connectors which may be recessed on some models and I am probably going to offer 901 versions as well.

Also I have sourced quite cheap parts to make budget pass throughs, I'll have to see if there will be demand.

I am also going to start making my own switches since the standard sized button are fairly big and annoyingly expensive for what they are. Mine will be simple contact affairs costing me vastly less but will involve a bit of manufacture. I also think they will be more reliable in the long run.

One thing that has been annoying is the mini USB connectors for the charger which I can only find in PCB style so the pins are very small and fragile so I have to be exceedingly careful soldering wires - I broke 3 trying to get them right, but I think I have the measure of it now.

That's all for now I will start updating when I start building again.
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  1. Hondo69's Avatar
    I've got a few people taking a look at a tankomizer as well to see if they can do the engineering and come up with a feesible product. Looks promising.