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Kanger protank rebuild

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by , 11-17-2013 at 10:07 PM (592 Views)
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I never had the desire or need to delve into the world of atomizer head rebuilding until I got my two Protanks. I was so enamored with these glass and metal beauties that my wife began to get a bit jealous. Seeing as how the replacement heads, and anything Protank for that matter, are quite hard to come by at the moment, I started to wonder what would happen when my heads failed. Would I be relegated to the bleek, dismal world of Vivi Nova and Vape Only BCC use? Oh, the humanity.

I decided that now was the time to learn to rebuild. Like my forefathers, I rolled up my shirt sleeves, cracked a beer and got to work. 'Merica.

This is my first rebuild. As the photos below will indicate, I'm really, really good at it.

Here's how I did it...

This is the atomizer head that was used for a bit over a week. It's dark and grimy and produces some ungodly flavors.

Here's the tools I used...man s#!t!

I used 3mm silica wick and 32 gauge Kanthal wire. A sewing needle is used to make wrapping the wick a but easier and avoid wrapping too tightly. Six wraps.

Here's the wrapped wick in the wick holder thingy after the remaining wire ends have been threaded through the wick holder thingy.

I screwed the base onto the wick holder thingy and screwed that onto my ProVari. It's showtime. Let's see how those coils look all glowy and orange.

I half expected red-hot wire shards to shoot into my eyeballs and boiling hot battery acid magma to flow out of the battery cap of the ProVari. Alas, the coils glow evenly and beautifully. Suck it, Bin Laden.

ECF will only allow 5 amazing photos per post, so the rest of this epic journey is detailed below...