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Updates by Dr. Carl Phillips from Europe SRNT Conference

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by , 09-09-2011 at 12:37 PM (1315 Views)
[QUOTE=Vocalek;4075673]Dr. Phillips is blogging about his experience at the European conference of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) in a Discussion area on the CASAA Facebook page.

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For those of you not on Facebook, here is a copy of his latest entry:

Carl Phillips
A few random observations:

We are all familiar with zealous anti-tobacco messages, and sketchy assertions about what is ethical, what motivates people, etc. But as nutty as the ANTZ messages are, at least there is something honest about presenting the messages overtly. There is something that is more disturbing about burying the same premises in a scientific analysis. But I guess it is not surprising that I am sensitive to that, since it is kind of what my talk focuses on.

Talked with some colleagues from Sweden about their research (all the evidence suggests dual snus-smoking does not prolong smoking) and other topics. Interesting story about how a research team in Sweden broke off collaboration with Swedish government because they (the govt) insisted on getting all the raw data so they could figure out how to analyze it so that it supported their extremist policies. Shared observation: There seems to be infinite money to abuse mice to draw bio-chem conclusions about nicotine, but we cannot figure out how to get funding to do the research about human preferences and motives that might actually be useful.

Great talk title: "Are there unintended consequences of smoke-free legislation on stigmatization...." My answer: no -- the stigmatization is all intended.

Presentation by Maciej Goniewicz (in one of the natural science sessions): Testing of e-cig cartridges and refill found that nicotine content for about 1/3 differed from label by >20% (carts were worse). No info on which suppliers, like whether these are major suppliers or are respected in the vaping community; it would be more useful to know the results for good-reputation suppliers.

My brain finally thinks it is time to wake up -- just in time for my session.
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