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  1. Help me clone alpha vape "hoops" I'll give you a cookie!

    by , 10-02-2014 at 03:29 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Literus View Post
    Tfa cantaloupe 6%
    Cap honeydew 4%
    FA pear 2%
    FA fresh cream 2%
    FA vienna cream 2%
    Tfa sweet cream 1%

    This is dead on so good you should buy big bottles of the flavorings I mixed up 750ml of this recipe you'll never have to buy hoops again
  2. Island Sunshine Ice Recipe

    by , 03-01-2014 at 12:52 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by jmtrudeau View Post
    My living room looks like a DIY shop, I have around 70 flavorings and a gallon of PG and VG. I've been at it for a few months mastering all the individual flavors and now started my first basic recipe. Thought I would share.

    7% Papaya (TFA)
    7% Mango (Flavorwest)
    4% Koolada 10% (TFA)
    3mg nic

    I find it quite nice, tropical but not overly sweet. I haven't tried it at a higher nic concentration as I've gone from 24mg to 3mg over 10 months
  3. WiMellow Clone (Kiwi Marshmallow)

    by , 01-27-2014 at 04:19 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by luceblueboy View Post
    I received WiMellow from MistVapor and loved it. I decided to try it and clone it with incredible success.

    15% TPA Marshmallow
    10% TPA Double Kiwi
    10% Ethyl Maltol liquid
    3% Stevia (liquid form)

    1. TPA Marshmallow is a very light flavor so that's why the percentage is a little high.
    2. Double Kiwi is a little tricky because you don't want to overpower the other flavors and I found 10% to be just right.
    3. The
  4. What's Your Best DIY Recipe

    by , 12-08-2013 at 12:08 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by mtdewfreak View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mtdewfreak View Post
    ok, i have finally tweaked my DIY Mountain Dew to where it is spot on (at least on my taste buds). would really like some others to give me their opinion

    my recipe has no nicotine, you can add what cha need.

    Mountain Dew - 0mg nicotine (27.00 ml) (percentages are rounded)
    10 ml PG - 200 drops - 33%
    10 ml VG - 200 drops - 33%
    5 ml TPA Mtn Dew Type - 100 drops - 17%
    1 ml VapingZone Lemon - 20 drops - 3%
    1 ml VapingZone Key Lime - 20 drops
    Tags: diy mt dew
  5. A chocolate recipe and why it works

    by , 11-30-2013 at 03:36 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by dannyv45 View Post
    I posted this in a different thread but felt this was important to post on it's own.

    Chocolate is very hard to get right and it's even harder to find a chocolate flavor that works. With that said here's a freebie for you chocolate lovers and why it works.

    base 35PG/65VG/12 - 18mg (your choice)
    Hangsen Chocolate cream 5%
    TFA Hazelnut 2%
    Hangsen toffee 1%

    Now here's the break down of why this flavor combination works.

    The hangsen
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