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Whipped up a nice menthol blend (Dare I say better than Menthol Ice?)

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by , 06-24-2013 at 12:16 AM (768 Views)
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So I have been searching for a Menthol Ice recipe ever since I started DIY and never found a good one. So I decided to experiment on my own and I think I found my all day vape! I use to vape strictly Menthol Ice for 3 years and it cost me a good amount of money. But I think with this recipe, I won't be needing to spend $15-$20 for a bottle no more. Here's the VERY simple yet VERY good menthol recipe that is just right for me...

TFA Menthol 3%
TFA Koolada 2%
TFA Sweetener 2%

For me, I only use 4mg nic and a 60% PG / 40% VG mix. It's good right after you shake it for a minute but I let it steep in a hot bath and it's just as good after that. Nice menthol flavor with a light ice throat hit and a little bit of sweet after taste.

Hope you guys enjoy!
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  1. Chakthi's Avatar
    My current Menthol Ice recipe is

    TFA Menthol 4%
    TFA Koolada 3%
    TFA Sweetener 2%
    TFA Peppermint 2%
    TFA Spearmint 1%
    TFA Wintergreen 1%
    CP Cool Mint 1% (Capella)

    Mixed a bit of that up a few hours ago, and I find it to be pretty satisfying. I added the Cool Mint flavoring tonight on a whim, and I think it actually made what I thought was already pretty awesome even better!

    By the way - I'm using a program called eJuice Me Up to keep track of my recipes, and I was surprised to find that the program comes with a lot of recipes! It seems like it would be difficult to improve much on this program, but I'm curious what everyone else is using?

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