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YardByrd's Dream Realm

CAW! I endeavor, here, to create my first blog that contains most of my "Wordsmithing" entries from ECF. Entries will be made incrementally starting with posts from my "home" thread. They will go from newest to oldest, until current, and then I will try to enter new ones as I post them.

Then there are some of my more memorable entries from other threads.

I will try, with the help of James my assistant, to update with new entries as time goes by.

To those who love imagination, fascination, creativity, fantasy, wit, and fancy I offer a heart-felt "Welcome!"

To those who dwell in negativity, rudeness, grossness, cruelty, self-absorption, and megalomania I say: "Welcome!" but with caviats! This is a kind, generous, empathetic, concerned, and loving blog. If you are full of vitriol please keep it out of my Blog! CAW!

  1. Seventeenth Series Of AIV Posts

    by , 02-14-2014 at 08:44 AM (YardByrd's Dream Realm)
    Night has fallen over Vapeland. A half full moon sends bright beams breaking downward through a high hazy ribbon like bank of clouds. The crickets are chirping and a tiny tree frog has somehow landed inside one of the tea cups on the tea-table and service in the center of Vapeland.

    One tiny hand like limb, green with brown highlights, sits lazily over the edge of the teacup. His tiny hand-like appendage, adorned with suction cups, caress the rim of the receptacle. A tiny
  2. Sixteenth Series Of AIV Posts

    by , 02-14-2014 at 08:43 AM (YardByrd's Dream Realm)
    1. Originally Posted by .kmh.
    I got my vapemail from KT today, Thank you =) It is quite nice.
    Originally Posted by morri
    I said sweetheart, tomorrow is payday and they not sending it out till then.

    and thanks about the banner. It is old though. Jah made me two some months ago. This is his version of steampunk morri at vapeland. LOL

    I love them.

    Originally Posted by ...
  3. Fifrteenth Series Of AIV Posts. Halloween 2012 Conclusion of story. Part II "Or Treat?"

    by , 02-14-2014 at 08:41 AM (YardByrd's Dream Realm)
    10/31/12 continued
    Or Treat? II.

    ...a tiny spark that is glowing yellow is embedding itself into
    yardbyrd's beak. It sends out a sinuous line that wraps itself around yardbyrd's neck and starts to tighten slowly. He tries to speak, but his medallion is wrapped by the yellow line above the YB part around the chain! A weak and small sound comes from his beak, "scuuurrr...scruuuu.urr..." The spot on his beak is spreading quickly! The pock mark and its sinew are now
  4. Fourteenth Series Of AIV Posts. Halloween 2012 End of part one of story "Trick"

    by , 02-14-2014 at 08:39 AM (YardByrd's Dream Realm)
    The phantom horde is gleefully watching and the gigantic warrior looks aloft, calling to the Roc, "Flint Freeze!" The giant bird releases his frost breath and as it touches the horde it slowly dissolves until the frost reaches yardbyrd and the barbarian; the barbarian is fading but his ghost blade strikes at yardbyrd's throat going right through it- it doesn't even leave a mark!

    Just as the warrior is about to fade, his hand and scimitar are still visible.
    turns ...
  5. Thirteenth Series of AIV Posts. Halloween 2012 Story Part I "Trick"

    by , 02-14-2014 at 08:37 AM (YardByrd's Dream Realm)
    Trick? Or Treat?

    Trick? I.

    The all Hallows Moon, in the sky above Vapeland, hangs like a yellowish-brown pock-marked silver dollar. It's saffron-beige rays strike the tree line that borders the meadow and the clearing in the center of Vapeland scattering twisted, odd, sinewy, shadows of its sparsely leaved branches, lace-like and dappled.

    Heavy breathing can be heard approaching from the forest. The snapping of twigs and the rustling of leaves
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