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On the path.

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by , 02-09-2009 at 08:16 AM (794 Views)
about Seven years ago a you asked me
"why do you smoke?"
I replied
" I love the actions of it ... the nicotine is just a plus, a chemical that seems to balance me out... if only there were a way i could smoke and not get cancer years down the road."

well time passed by and the e-cig found its way into my life. I jumped at the chance brotha!!

bought one online soon as i got home. bought another while waiting for my first to arrive. Shiiiiit bought another one within a month so i could drip a dry smoke.

1 month of vapeing... and ive kicked a pack and a half a day habit down to two. two cigs a day. I hope to let those too go soon. soon.

Michael, i wish you could have seen these things. You'd trip out. crazy blue flashing lights and all...LOL

If only they found us sooner... if only

Rest in peace my friend....