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Thread: 9 Months...Woohoo

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    Don't feel like a dork.
    Like I tell all my new customers.... All the COOl kids are doing it...
    Use it to your advantage to strike up a conversation, then sell them...
    I light that little blue light up anywhere and everywhere I can.
    I love it when people come up to me and say "What the hell is that?"
    That's all it takes.... Now you are mine... I have about a 99% close rate after that.

    Quote Originally Posted by MichelleDen View Post
    u forgot one
    3. Making vaping look good ; ).........( i still feel like a dork when vaping out and about.....)
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    I do the same, I vape EVERYWHERE and my close rate is around 95% (when I have product)

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    This is why every customer should sign up for an affiliate account. THese things sell themselves. People are drawn like moths to a flame by the funky blue glow of the tip. They're going to ask you about it, they're going to be as excited by it as you were when you first discovered them, and they're going to ask you where you bought it. They will. It will happen. So, you might as well have some business cards with your own affiliate code to give to them when it does. They get a discount, you get a little money, and we convert one more smoker to Blooging instead! Winners all around!!

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