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Thread: Starter Kits $35.00 - Warning

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    so I keep trying to like this new blu starter kit, but wow....its just terrible. I contacted CS about the awlful experience and they happily sent me a free pack of assorted flavor carts. I fired up one of the java jolt s and took a few hits and I thought maybe this wont be so bad, and it actually gave me a few big flimes of vape....but then the plumes died off after about 5 or 6 puffs...then it started to just tasted like dirt. so, I went bavk to my regular vape gear and the next day tried the blu kit again...and as usual after a few puff the vapor just goes to next to nothing. maybe my charger just isn't charging the batteries up enough I have no idea why this blu starter kit is just so inconsistent vaping it? every cart I try works great for a few puffs then goes to almost no vape at all. I have also had the batteries replaced already too. im at a loss for words on this blu starter kit....I wish this would just magically start working correctly to my expectations...

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    I can't take any credit away from Blus customer service. Go to the web site, register. Click the live chat button and tell them what your trouble is. They'll have you print out a form and send it in. I was even told they didn't care about a copy of the receipt! I sent one any way, in case the rep was stoned that day.

    To this day I still use and abuse my starter kit PCC's and batteries (I have 2). They will help you on a starter kit for up to 1 year. Shipping them anything in those kits costs anywhere from $1.95 to $2.95 and the replacement is there within a week usually. To date, I have lost 1 battery, another was flakey in 1 kit, and the PCC's have hinge issues over time. They replaced the flakey battery without even asking me to ship it back. The other I shipped with BOTH PCC's and RMA forms for the hinges beginning to go wonky. They replaced everything, every time, without a single solitary bad CS experience. That is incredibly difficult to complain about.

    They will give you service if you merely seek it. Oh, and every time I had an issue they threw reward points at my account I could apply toward anything on the site. I received 1200 points after I contacted them over a pack of cartos that appeared old, they asked for a lot # on the box and confirmed it. They can't control how long a product sits on a vendor shelf, but they will help you if you get an old kit. Tips for the starter kits:

    1) Blue batts and chargers are REVERSE POLARITY. Do NOT interchange other 510 batts or PCC's with one another. Cart swapping is fine.

    2) ANY 510 thread tank solution will work, not all will fit the PCC. You'll have to do some homework here on dimensions.

    3) Only lift the PCC lid as far as you need to remove the contents you need and the hinge will last longer. I half expect them to revise this design soon.

    4) If you open a pack of cartos and they have a brass plated thread; Return right there at the counter. Those are VERY old carts. At some point last year they moved to all aluminium threads. Save your cart boxes in case you need the lot # on the box for CS.

    5) Don't hot box the carts. Limit your vapes for each 'session' and don't draw like you're suckin on a milkshake. You'll adjust to the pull and learn to treat them as a casual smoke break. This works, trust me.

    A freshly manufactured cart lasted me a day, and I was a pack a day smoker, using #5 methods. Considering the starter carts hold like, 0.5ml, and then looking over polls on this site about the average vapers consumption rates (3-6ml a DAY), it is absolutely no mystery why a lot of them started on these and do nothing but complain about cart life. These are designed with an average smoker in mind, not an iron lung hot boxer from hell. The only complaint I have about them, subjectively, is tossing carts. I think they should step up to a tank kit featuring the premium 100's and offer the juices.

    Good luck.
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    They sell the same starter kit at Costco, but its $24. Think it is a good start, get five flavors to try. Over charging will burn out the batteries fast. Costco has a pretty good return policy. Plus they sell juice pretty cheap. 50 for $91.

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