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    I'm going to buy a Buzz Pro soon and noticed the batteries offered on ProVapes site are Trustfire 3.7v 750mAh. My question is I've found these batteries at batt companies all over the web rated at 1200mAh for less the price. Some appear to be longer than others. Anyone using the Buzz please let me know the length of your batteries. Also which charger would be best? Many thanks, I'm so looking forward to this.

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    Buzz pro uses 16340, not 14500.

    The other common recommended battery for buzz pro is the aw icr 123/16340 protected 3.7v, with the aw imr 16340 also okay.

    1200 mAh 3.7v sounds very fishy, too high to be credible in that size. Many unrealistic claims end up actually being terrible, like 400 mAh reality.

    For chargers, I'm happy with the xtar wp2 ii that i use, picked up a second one. With them, set the unit to 500 mA Max charge rate, and pick up a second set of spacers (about $1/pair).

    The trustfire charger notcigs sells seems to work pretty well too, but the xtar has a nice charging characteristic, similar to the much more expensive pila.

    Check in over on the main notcigs ECF Supplier forum for general questions -- a lot of good people posting there, been using the BP since it first shipped.
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