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    Default Regulating Eliquid Labeling Just Like ...

    I've been pondering ecig regulation. Ingredient labeling seemed to make sense. I put food in my mouth, and it has an ingredient list. Nicotine could make me ill if I consume too much of it. Knowing the nicotine content is useful for me to regulate my dose.

    So I started looking for other products that I put in or on my body for comparison. Things I found that have ingredient lists:
    Hair gel
    Contact lens solution
    Nicotine patch

    Why aren't these labeled with contents?:
    Beer - I can go to jail for drinking too much, but the bottle doesn't tell me how much alcohol it contains!?
    Cigarettes - Cigarettes are supposed to be toxic, but the toxicity isn't disclosed?
    Nail Polish - Some chemicals weaken fingernails, will they hurt my climbing gear?
    Laundry detergent - says ionic and nonionic surfactants which is not enough information to determine what it is
    Dish detergent - Guess I don't need to know what chemicals are used to wash my dishes

    These comparisons might be useful in campaign discussions. What else "in or on my body" products aren't labeled with contents?


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    It is all about the money for the most part,of course I think you already knew that.