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Thread: Policy Maker's information starter kit - ideas needed

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    Default Policy Maker's information starter kit - ideas needed

    Inspired by Jake6731's great post, Achieving appropriate regulations for electronic cigarettes, and link to the most powerful informational piece: Achieving appropriate regulations for electronic cigarettes

    My intent is to put together a Policy-maker's Guide to Pro-active & Reasoned treatment of E-cigarettes & Vaping informational package / binder to put into the hands of my local & state policy-makers.

    The hope is to really catch their attention with a package that brings the research & information to them.

    Here's a couple of my thoughts of what to include in the hard copy binder:

    • Achieving appropriate regulations for electronic cigarettes!!!!!!!!
    • Wisconsin & Tennessee proactive legislative bills
    • Dr. Burstyn's study(?) Don't know how big it actually is
    • Clive Bates' resounding take-down of a BMA rep's radio interview
      Or - alternative de-bunking of the standard ANTZ propaganda talking point(??)
    • E-Cigarette Summit - select presentations, and links to the entire ECF InfoZone Summit presentations page
    • Select testimonials - as I've read through thousands of our success stories, there are some that reach through the screen and rip my heart out (This one in particular: Ray Yeates - you may have to search the comments page for his name(?))
    • CASAA's legislative package regarding indoor bans

    Michigan is at a stage where it could be pro-active like Tennessee & Wisconsin, I'm hoping an in-person approach like this may contribute to persuade our Republican majority administration (maybe a point in our favor! ) to follow that model.

    Besides, our Governor Schneider is the past CEO of Gateway computers - he is truly a 'geek', and that should pre-disposition him to avoiding junk-science

    Suggestion, ideas, comments?

    PS - Kent - I'd lovee to see the cover-letter from the email you used to forward the Achieving appropriate regulations for electronic cigarettes (AREC?) to your representatives...
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