its all about the money right?
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Thread: its all about the money right?

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    Default its all about the money right?

    having been a daily reader of this forum and many of the sub fora for 8 months i have
    been ingraced with much knowledge concerning all the view points pro
    and con in the great e-cig debate.
    one of the most often heard is why the ANTZ are so dead against vaping.
    follow the money of course.and its a sizable amount.
    i think now is the time we start following the other money.
    the money that's going to be saved in future medical cost's by not
    using combustible tobacco.i'm no accountant,but i'm darn sure we're
    looking at a large chunk of gingwhat here.
    when debating our side of the story we can add the following talking points.
    reduced cost to medical expenditure's would most assuredly lower insurance premiums
    in a noticeable, verifiable way.
    the freeing up of resources in the medical community could be used for other pressing issues.
    research into the treatment and cure for breast cancer,aids,ADHD,and(insert terrible childhood illness here)
    if vaping is 99% safer than combustible tobacco we should be willing to pay a 1% surcharge
    on all e-cig related juice and gear to kickstart more research into other medical issues
    as not to have to lay off all these future medical workers that wont be needed to treat us.
    if most of this is all about the money lets show them what all of this money can really do.

    respectfully submitted,

    in addendum.this debate is going to come up sooner or later.
    i say we start it now and take ownership over it.
    if we don't,in the future when these savings start to materialize
    the ANTZ and the FDA will take ownership and all the credit for it.
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