oh wow...i should be the PR guy for evapers....ohhhh man

i just got Ego Mega Atty and Mega Carts from evapers.com today.

im feeling kinda dizzy right now...cause an A-bomb of vapor come out of this thing!!

hahaha was so good...blows the 510 atty right out of the water!!

anyways...back to reality, i spent about $180 for 6 bottles of juice, 4 mega atty's and 10 mega carts..

and i am incredibly impressed with the website. the prices are on par, the product is legit, and i ordered it tuesday and it was here by thurs/friday. I didnt have to pay anything for the shipping and he even shipped in COD

i am only writing my review because the story needs to be told.

and btw, i tried switching to 14mg nicotine...and i didnt like it...so i mailed him on the site, told him i made a mistake..and he lets me exchange them free of charge...

so to recap that...i order 4 bottles of 14mg instead of 28mg...didnt like it....he takes the returned bottles....he ends up destroying them because theyve been opened....and he sends me 4 brand new bottles in my usual strength..... AND HE DOESNT EVEN CHARGE ME SHIPPING!!!

COME ON this guy is awesome...SUPPORT EVAPERS.COM