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I have been looking around and i find a lot of people using the ego twist with a evod clearomizer. Do u think that a good set up?
I think it's a good set up for you right now. If you get into vaping and find you need something more down the line you can always upgrade to a mod of some type.

For tanks, I do like evods myself. I know some people don't, but none of the 10 I own have ever leaked or given me dry hits. The CE4s I used at first were okay--WHEN they worked. Mostly they leaked and gurgled. And besides that, you can't take them apart to clean them very well, and you certainly can't rebuild the coils and wick in them.

One tip--Your batteries will support a tank from about 1.8 ohms to 2.2 ohms. Vape shops are all different. Some will sell you anything, possibly because they don't know any better, but don't try to use a 3 ohm tank on an ego battery. The battery just doesn't have the voltage power to give you a good vape.

I wish you much success. As easy as this method is compared to the other ways, just remember there may be "those times" when you tighten up and get that old urge for a smoke. For that reason, I prepared myself by buying the gum and a pouch of chewing tobacco. (Yes, I'm a girl, lol). Both have come in handy a couple of times, but I haven't had to resort to them very often.

I smoked for about 46 years, 2 PAD the last couple of decades, no success in quitting before. I haven't had a cigarette since July 2, and I think I would croak if I smoked one. Ecigs and this forum have been my saving grace.

Good luck!